The Central Cafe was located at 332 S. Main St in Ann Arbor and was owned by Raul Perdomo (Harpepper, Inc). A very popular casual Mexican-American restaurant known for its Huevos Rancheros, Hungarian Goulash, and homemade biscuits. UM students and locals would pack the restaurant from 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. after leaving the surrounding bars and pubs (Mr. Flood's Party, Liberty Inn, The Blind Pig, others) after "last call".

It might still be there today if ownership hadn't failed to pay payroll taxes for the employees thus forcing it into bankruptcy, and eventually out of business. The next business to occupy the space was Middle Kingdom.

Timeline: Central Cafe

August 25, 1983. Central Cafe To Become A New Chinese Restaurant. Ann Arbor News, "Come November the Central Cafe will be reincarnated as Middle Kingdom".

May 26, 1983. Good-by, Central. Ann Arbor News.