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Downtown diner.

Hours: Closed
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The Cloverleaf Diner was located on Liberty Street across from the Post Office.

Breakfast all day, huge omelets, cheap-n-dirty chili dogs, $2 cheeseburgers, diner style meals. Great people.

Their hours now seem to be 6am to 7:30pm Monday through Thursday, and 6am to 4pm Friday through Sunday. Was the 24 hour thing just a brief experiment?


The wait staff and owners were incredibly friendly and attentive. For under $20 you can easily get two bevs and two meals. Definitely not the healthiest, but still great. (3 stars)=

In The News

After Surviving the Pandemic, the Cloverleaf Closes Its Doors. Ann Arbor Observer, Dec 17, 2021. "The Cloverleaf Restaurant lasted more than fifty years between two different locations—the original spot on Plymouth now occupied by the Northside Grill, and its subsequent setting on Liberty that was previously home to Mallis Coffee Cup."

Cloverleaf Restaurant clippings file, Ann Arbor District Library "Old News" collection.