The Ragbirds is an Ann Arbor based folk rock "world music" band.



In the news

Erin Zindle is the lead singer of Ann Arbor-based folk rock group The Ragbirds. Listen to the podcast below to hear Zindle discus the source of the the band's unique "world music" approach to traditional folk/rock music, and how the group's political views plays a part in their personal lives and music.

The Ragbirds began in 2005 with songwriter, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Erin Zindle and world percussionist Randall Moore in their search to create fresh, original songs sprouting out of their common love for world music and their desire to weave these distant sounds into more familiar genres. With the addition of guitarist/vocalist Matthew Melody, bassist Dan Hildebrandt, and percussionist Tim Dziekan, who share the vision of creating honest, creative, and original music combining these global and local elements, The Ragbirds fully realized their unique sound.