A much-painted boulder at the corner of Washtenaw Avenue and Hill Street in tiny George Washington Park (a sample picture: [1]).

History, from the UM Campus Information Center:

"Ann Arbor's most famous Glacial Erratic" is the painted rock at the corner of Washtenaw Avenue and Hill Street. This huge chunk of Canadian limestone, deposited by glaciers in a gravel pit on Pontiac Trail, was moved to Ann Arbor by Eli Gallup in 1932 to become a memorial honoring George Washington on his 200th birthday. Buried in the foundation of the rock is a box containing its history and origin. Originally the rock was painted grey and had a copper plaque and tribute to President Washington.


Al Gallup narrates footage from 1932, the year his father, former Ann Arbor Park Superintendant Eli Gallup, moved The Rock to its present location at Washtenaw and Hill with help from WPA workers.

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