The Scrap Box -- download vcard

Non-profit organization that recycles clean, usable material like remnants, seconds, and scraps from factories, businesses, and homes. All great stuff children's art and craft projects. (Lots of grown-up artists and inventors love shopping at The Box too!)

Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 10a.m. to 5p.m. and Saturday 10 to 2
Phone: (734) 994-0012
Address: 581 State Circle
Handicap access:

A cool place for recycled junk/objects/materials with most stuff priced by the bag. They also host birthday parties and field trips. Teachers and families get their craft supplies here at bargain price.

Things you'll find here:

  • blocks, balls, self-adhesive foam, fabric, yarn, buttons, mat-board, rip-stop nylon
  • wallpaper and fabric sample books
  • trophies, baskets, bottles, picture frames, buckets
  • wine corks, scrapbooking paper, magnets
  • colorful cardboard rings and tubes
  • metallic transfer foil

inventory changes daily