Thomas Ninde was the 10th Mayor of Ypsilanti, MI.

THOMAS NINDE 1878-1879

Born September 10, 1815 in Baltimore, Maryland. He was educated at Genesee College, Lima, New York, and admitted to the Bar at Rochester, N.Y.

He came to Ypsilanti in 1855 (after dealing with Dred Scott decision) and was partner in the Law Office with Lyman D. Norris. Elected Washtenaw County Probate Judge in 1860.

His first marriage was to Matilda Moore who died March 1st, 1865.

His second marriage was to Lois Crane, daughter of George C. Crane, on December 26, 1867.

In 1864 the City voted to name the alley running from 44 East Cross Street to River Street after Judge Ninde. He made his home on the south edge of the alley at 307 River Street (this location was 14 South River St. under the original numbering).

He died on June 30, 1891 and is buried in Highland Cemetery.