206 N. Huron St. OR 303 N. Huron St., Ypsilanti, MI 48197 (disputed!)

The Towner House is the oldest house in Ypsilanti on its original foundation.

This 1837 Greek Revival house is the oldest house on its original foundation in the City of Ypsilanti. The house was originally owned by the Cross family, before the Towner family's ownership, which stretched from 1851-1951.

The Towner House's exterior has been recently rehabbed, but the building stands empty, and has repeatedly faced demolition. The First Presbyterian Church of Ypsilanti purchased the house in 1972, intending to expand their church in the future, and offered up the building to anyone who wished to move it; no purchaser came forward, and, with the creation of the Ypsilanti Historic District, the Church was denied permission to move or demolish the house in 1982 and again in 1992. In 1994, after multiple building code violations were discovered in the house, the City of Ypsilanti took court action against the Church to mandate repairs. While area historic preservationists consider the salvation and rehabilitation of the house to be a significant victory, this contentious history, and the continued vacancy of the house, has led to frustration on the church's part.

3/30/93 Front 3/30/93 Front & N. side 3/30/93 Rear & N. side 3/30/93 Rear & S. side Towner House 303 N. Huron Fireplace & Towner Chair 1953 Living Room 1953 Living Room 1953 Dining Room 1953 Dining Room 1953 Kitchen 1953 Kitchen 1953 Side Porch 1953 Rendering Rendering Rendering Church Presses To Remove 1993 Church Can’t Raze 1994 Room For Museum ‘92 Ruling Delayed Towner House Face Lift ‘83 Century Old Shoe 1936 EMU Greeks raise $1,000 1989 ’For Sale’ Christmas Time 5/5/82 Towner Decision Due Next Month ‘82 Church To Raze Towner House 1981 Future As Museum Assured ‘82 Grant Application ‘97 Church Go To Court 1994 Church Halts Request 1982 Church Offers Proposal 1982 Wrecking Ball 1992 Problems Block Proposed Museum 1982 Tax Status 1995 Renovation History 1999 Rendering c. 1837 History Of Towner House 1982 Historic House May Get New Location 1981 Historic District Commission 1998 Legal Battles Drains Money 1998 Foundation Aids Early House 1975 Ypsi Commission Followed Law 1995 Church Can’t Raze 1995 EMU 1996 History Timbers & Support Posts Floor Joists Contact Prints Of Exterior Views Door Types Front Door Molding Fireplace & Mantle Site Map 303 N. Huron 303 N. Huron


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