US-23 is the highway running north to south past the eastern edge of Ann Arbor. Southbound goes to Toledo; northbound goes to Flint.

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During rush-hours, US-23 is heavily congested, particularly between Ann Arbor and Brighton. Many people think that US-23 needs to be expanded - some want four lanes in each direction instead of two. Some have suggested that raw capacity is a bad approach, because the law of triple convergence states that traffic will increase to fill all available road capacity. Most people, however, acknowledge that ignoring an obvious problem does not cause it to do away. Alternate suggestions have included a third lane in each direction dedicated to high-occupancy vehicles and transit, to enable users of those modes to move more quickly than single drivers and therefore encourage use of those modes, or to use the Ann Arbor Railroad tracks for train or dual-mode bus/train fast commuter transit. This is unlikely to solve the problem, however, as HOV lanes have failed to relieve congestion in any city they have been implemented, and most people use cars to commute.


Construction on northbound US-23 between Barker Road in Whitmore Lake and Silver Lake Road in Livingston County reduced traffic to one lane. Delays turned a 30 minute trip into a 90 minute trip at peak times.

US-23 exits in


Exit 1  Sterns Rd  

Exit 3  Lambertville 

Exit 5 US 223 Blissfield Adrian 

Exit 9  Summerfield Rd 

Exit 13  Petersburg  Ida

Exit 15  Floyd Rd 

Exit 17  M-50 Dundee Monroe  (Michigan International Speedway)

Exit 22 Cone Rd / Azaila 

Exit 25  Plank Rd / South Milan 

Exit 27: Carpenter Road, Milan

Exit 31: Willis Road, Stony Creek

Exit 34: Michigan Avenue/US-12, Saline/Ypsilanti

  • Exit 35: I-94, Chicago/Detroit
  • Exit 37A Ypsilanti   Washtenaw Avenue  St Joe's Hospital /
  • Exit 37B downtown Ann Arbor/ University of Michigan
  • Exit 39: Geddes Road; exit to a set of three roundabouts  University Of Michigan Hospital  
  • Exit 41: Plymouth Road
  • Exit 42: eastbound M-14, Plymouth/Detroit
  • Exit 45: westbound M-14, downtown/Chicago
  • Exit 49: North Territorial Road
  • Exit 50: Six Mile Road, Whitmore Lake
  • Exit 52: Barker Road, Whitmore Lake
  • Exit 53: Eight Mile Road (County Line Road), Whitmore Lake
  • Exit 54A Whitmore Lake  / South Lyon
  • Exit 54B   M36 Pinickey 
  • Exit 55  Silver Lake Rd 
  • Exit 58  Lee Rd  / Downtown Brighton 
  • Exit 60A I 96  E   Detroit  / Novi
  • Exit 60B  I96 W   Lansing / Grand Rapids 
  • Exit 67  M-59  Howell  / Pontiac 
  • Exit 70  Clyde Rd 
  • Exit 75 Center Rd 
  • Exit 77  White Lake Rd 
  • Exit 78  Owen Rd / Fenton 
  • Exit 79 Silver Lake Rd/ Linden  
  • Exit 80  Torrey Rd 
  • Exit 84 Thompson Rd 
  • Exit 88  W Grand Blanc Rd   Rankin/ Gland Blanc 
  • Exit 90 Hill Rd 
  • Mile Marker 90.5   US23 Merges Into I-75 US 23 North Starting At Exit 118 

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