Unity Vibration (http://unityvibrationkombucha.com/) is a vendor of kombucha, a fermented beverage.

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Unity Vibration Living Kombucha, which is currently based out of its owners’ home in Ypsilanti, is moving into a new location at 93 Emerick St. at the intersection with Ecorse Road. “It’s a cool building,” said Rachel Kanaan, who is co-owner with her husband Tarek Kanaan. “We wanted to be in Ypsi and it was really just the nicest place that we looked at. It was a good price and it reminds me of the way a brewery is supposed to look with tall ceilings and an industrial feel.”

An Ypsilanti-based business recently reached the conclusion of a six-month regulatory saga that nearly sunk the family run operation. Rachel and Tarek Kanaan, Unity Vibration Living Kombucha Tea founders, expressed relief while recounting the process.

Filling up a pantry converted into a walk-in cooler at Rachel and Tarek Kanaan’s Ypsilanti home are 100 cases of ready-to-sell Unity Vibration Living Kombucha Tea. But when those cases will move to store shelves remains in question.

Currently, operating out of their Ypsilanti home, the Kannan’s are offering their new specialty flavored kombucha tea to local markets. And as more people taste their kombucha, more people are signing up to distribute their product at their business. “We're in 9 different stores, three Plum Markets, a deli [and] a bakery in Detroit, Tarek said. “Hopefully soon we will be in two Whole Foods stores as well.”

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