urTurn, an Ann Arbor based social media company, offered customers the rewards (urPoints) based on their interaction and connection with friends in their network.

As of April 2010, the web site redirected to Bodega; by September 2012, the domain was listed as for sale.


In the news

Virtual currencies have had a long history of failure - in the late 90’s Beenz.com unsuccessfully tried to establish a worldwide currency that could rival the dollar and the pound (that company closed its doors in 2001). UrTurn is going to have to fend off countless users trying to abuse the system, and they may have a tough time monetizing their app when so little effort is required on the user’s part.

Users of the site, which launched Nov. 5, could receive money based on how much time they invest. Uploading pictures and inviting friends, for example, earn users points that are compiled to determine how much each person is owed.