Urania was a station stop on the Ann Arbor Railroad at mile post 36.5 in York Township, at Willis Road. It had a siding for the Ypsilanti State Hospital.


The 1918 Polk Directory lists Urania as population 50, discontinued post office, with a bank at Milan 4 1/4 miles distant and rural delivery from Saline. Listed businesses are


The 1912 Polk Directory lists Urania as population 50, with a post office, telephone, and telegraph facilities.


Urania is a station stop on the Toledo, Ann Arbor and Grand Trunk Railway, between Nora and Pittsfield.


The station got its name when Thomas Richards of Milan worked hard to bring the railroads to Milan. He was rewarded for his effort. He was given the chance to name a railroad station. He named the station at Willis Road after his late wife, Urania Blakeslee Richards.

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