Veronica Lake played the opening show at short-lived underground club The Lab in 1992.

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From 1992 to 1993, Veronica Lake released 10 first-rate indie pop songs scattered across 8 releases. This year I obtained a reissue of the Winter's Mist compilation EP from Keith at Silver Girl Records, featuring "Emma Maybe", thus completing the set I began collecting more than a decade ago. I love this band. So, for my last music post on YSKOD I present to you the following present...

Hailing from the home of the Wolverines (Ann Arbor, Michigan for all you unathletic geeks), Veronica Lake are probably the best bedroom twee pop band to ever exist. Too bad no one gave/gives a shit about them, eh? Lo-fi and precious without being TOO precious, the band created quite a few dreamy pop gems that are some of my favorite songs ever. The band has a batting average (MORE SPORTS) similar to that of Black Tambourine, where the band didn't always quite get it right, but when they did, HOLY SHIT.