The Village Marketplace and Lofts was a proposed development in Saline. It was first approved in 2006 and includes 20,000 square feet of retail space with loft condominiums. The developer is Michael Concannon. It is located on the site of the Saline Dodge Dealership and Clark Gas Station at Michigan Avenue at Lewis Street.

In the news

The property is now owned by six lienholders--contractors owed money by Concannon and awarded the property after a December 2010 sheriff's sale brought no bidders. According to Joe Szabo, one of the lienholders, Concannon owed the six more than $900,000, and they have put in roughly another $100,000 in taxes, maintenance and improvements.

Many of the residents expressed frustration about the still-undeveloped property on West Michigan Ave., which was supposed to be the residential and commercial building with underground parking known as Village Marketplace and Lofts. Many said they’d like to see the property, which is not owned by the city, turned into a park or a parking structure. The city filed a lawsuit against developer Michael Concannon in July in an effort to force the completion of the demolition stage of the project and make repairs to city property.