January 29, 2009

A group of people gathered in Matthaei Botanical Gardens today to develop a vision for a local food system. The agenda consisted of documenting our assets, identifying areas of need, learning from speakers and existing efforts, and meeting to discuss future actions.

The following areas of need were identified:

A. Resources for young/new farmers B. database network to existing assets C. food policy/legistlation D. distribution E. collaboration F. increase production G. education H. accessibility/justice/food security I. simplify direct purchasing/bringing pruducers and purchasers together J. processing K. systems/infrastructure L. communication M. standards/labeling N. community self reliance

The event was organized by Erica Kempter, Shannon Brines, Deirdra Stockmann, Jason Frenzel, Kim Bayer, and facilitated by Lisa Brush.

This wiki was created by Eileen Quintero to document existing notes and begin the information sharing and archiving process. Please add and contribute progress, ideas, your contact information, and notes.