Each city and township in Washtenaw County has a local assessing deprtment. Each assessing department in responsible for calculating the value of each taxable property in their district.

The county equalization department is a good source of information and data about current and historical property evaluation across the county.

Michigan assessors mail assessment notices to property owner around March 1 of each year. There are three differnt values on each notice; assessed value, state equalized value, and taxable value. These three values dertermine how much tax is levied on a property each year.

Each city and township schedules a March Board of Review meeting where property owners can appeal their taxable value. Generaly property owners have to make an appointment to appear in person at the review, or send in a written appeal before the Board of Review meeting. If an property owner isn't satisfied with their local Board of Review response, they can take their appeal to the Michigan Tax Tribunal.

Assessment information

Information from online assessors data can be informative in determining ownership of properties. There is also typically a photo and sketch of the property in question.

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