Waterworks Park occupies a bend in the Huron River just north of the Visteon Plant, west of Catherine Street (Ypsilanti). The park was the site of the City of Ypsilanti's water treatment plant until the City and surrounding Townships joined the Detroit Water Authority's service area in the early 1990s(?).

The park features a 9-hole, free, Disc "Frisbee" Golf Course. The course was installed by the Ann Arbor Area Disc Indueced Sports Club in 2007. It has 3 teeing areas per hole (red, white and blue), and features a mix of open and wooded shots, along the river for several holes. You will need a map- the Throw Shop (www.throwshop.us), down the road, gives them out for free. 

The park is relatively underused and overgrown at present, lacking good access to any neighborhood. However, a footbridge connects the park to the Water Street Redevelopment Project area to the north, the park will soon be connected to the County's Border to Border Trail.


Great use of land to make a difficult course. Very close to downtown. Not well/not at all marked- signs have a way of not lasting in this park.