Wenk's Prescription Shop was located at 2355 E. Stadium. It was sold in 2013 and replaced by HomeTown Pharmacy.

According to signs in the store and conversation with staff, Wenk's was acquired by The Prescription Shop and is known as Wenk's Prescription Shop.

Wenk's has a good selection of wine, greeting cards, and first aid stuff. The magazine selection includes quality publications like the Atlantic and Scientific American.

Unfortunately they are not open on Sunday.

In the news

Prescription Shop owner Tom Kundrat bought Wenk's Pharmacy from Fred Wenk earlier this month. He is consolidating the two stores and their respective clientele into Wenk's building on East Stadium Boulevard, effective March 15; the new business will be called Wenk's Prescription Shop.

Ann Arbor police released security footage of the burglary at Wenk's Prescription Shop Monday evening, which shows a man breaking through the store's glass door.