The Whiffletree is a former Ann Arbor restaurant which burned in a fire in 1988. It was located on Huron Street near First Street, on the site where the Ashley Terrace building is now. Andy Gulvezan and Robert Babcock opened it in 1973 on the site of the former New Odyssey.


My daughter (then a child) and I watched from across the street as the Whiffletree burned down. It was a hot day, and the firemen kept gulping Gatorade. ~Wystan

Subi Jaseem (sp?) was a wonderful manager.  While employed at the Gollywobbler, as a single parent working my way through college, Subi included extra money in every one of my paychecks. A few years after relocating to CO, I stopped by on a trip back to MI to say "hello" to Subi and thank him again for his thoughtfulness, I was very saddened to hear of his passing.  He was a gregarious man, his generosity was deeply appreciated and I and my family will never forget. God bless and RIP, Subi Jaseem! -SarCar

They had the best French Onion soup around! - D

They also had the best coleslaw in the world and the rack of lamb (back when I ate that sort of thing) was memorable, too. Ann Arbor's best bartender, Pat Beck, tended there for years until it burned down then went with Soubi to the Gollywobbler. I'd say something about Soubi the manager, too, but I don't remember what his last name was. Good guy, though. Great atmosphere.


The atmosphere obviously has appeal to Ann Arbor's young crowd that find happiness in casual settings with dress to match.


Whiffetree Recipes

White Chocolate Mousse and Gazpacho from