Workantile is a membership-funded coworking community for freelancers and remote employees.

Interior shot at Workantile's original location.The community manages a space where paid Members can work in a "private club" environment at 111 S. Main Street downtown Ann Arbor, above the Om of Medicine dispensary. Members can work alone or with one another, occasionally meet clients, and participate in internal social events. The emphasis is not on providing a place to work, but on building a community of independents who prefer to work together.

The space includes a kitchenette, conference rooms, phone rooms, bathrooms, and storage area.

Prospective members can schedule a tour, and spend the rest of that day trying it out. If they're interested, they can purchase access for a Trial Week for $50, during which they can meet the other Members and build social connections. After their trial week, they can apply to become Members.



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Workantile was founded in 2009 as Workantile Exchange, a coworking space founded by Mike Kessler and incorporating the original location of David Myers's original Mighty Good Coffee shop. In 2011, the name changed to Workantile when ownership shifted to Coworking Society, LLC. In 2020, Workantile moved to a not-for-profit model with 501(c)7 status and a member-elected board of directors.

Prior to spring 2020, Workantile was located at 118 S. Main St., in the Goodrich building. In 2020, it relocated to 111 S. Main St., across the street from the original location.

Previous to moving, Workantile's space served as the location forWonderFool Productions' luminary workshops. These workshops, which were open to the public, taught attendees to create luminaries used in the FoolMoon parade.

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