Ypsilanti Township is the larger neighbor of the City of Ypsilanti, wrapping the city to the east, west, and south. The physical division between City and Township is difficult to find at times, especially in the Township neighborhoods north of I-94; the color of the street signs is one indicator, with city signs colored green and white and township signs colored blue and gold. Sidewalks are another indicator: many boundary streets can be identified by having sidewalks on the city side of the street and not on the Township side.

The Ypsilanti Township Board of Trustees is a 7 member board elected to 4 year terms.

The Township's unofficial motto is, "Why would you buy a home in the City? I hear taxes are lower in the Township."

  • To the east of Ypsi City, the Township includes the area known as Willow Run, near the airport of the same name, and the West Willow area.
  • To the west of Ypsi City is The Great Ypsi-Arbor Sprawl along Washtenaw Avenue, including the once-home of Iggy Pop. (Iggy's childhood home off Carpenter Road is in fact in Pittsfield Charter Township--not that such gradations mean anything to Ann Arborites.)
  • South of the freeway, the Township shades into farmland losing ground to newer development.

The Township has a larger population than Ypsi City - around 50,000 in the 2000 Census compared to the City's 22,000 - and wealthier, with median household income of $46,500 compared to the City's $28,600.

Official website: http://www.twp.ypsilanti.mi.us/