The Ypsilanti Food Co-op is a small, cooperatively-owned grocery store located in Ypsilanti's Depot Town. The co-op is open to all shoppers 9am - 9pm, 7 days a week. Co-op membership provides a 2% discount, a better price on bulk/case orders, and other perks.  Membership requires a $20 equity investment annually, up to a lifetime total of $200, refundable upon leaving the co-op.

Contacts: (734) 483-1520,

The Co-op was founded in 1975, has about 800-1000 members, and is located at 312 N. River Street. As a cooperative business, it is member-owned and -run, and aims to bring healthful foods (whole, organic, natural, ethically produced, etc) to the community. The Co-op has a special focus on local products, especially fresh produce. Attractions include milk from Calder Dairy; tofu from Rosewood Farms in Ann Arbor; apples from Almar and Appleschram, produce from Goetz Farm, Growing Hope, Seeley Farm, and Snick's Farm, tortillas and chips from Ann Arbor Tortilla Factory, and sourdough bread baked fresh at the River Street Bakery. The Bakery is owned by the Co-op and shares the building. Also available are a full line of flours from Westwind Milling Company, bulk grains, seeds, nuts, legumes, and spices; baking supplies, free-range eggs; wild-caught Alaskan salmon, chorizo, Roseland beef, and more. The Co-op carries local wine and Michigan craft beers from nearby breweries, including Bell's, Short's, Arbor Brewing Company, Dark Horse, Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales and others.

The Co-op is partially powered by two solar panel arrays on the rooftop; volunteers initiated the project with a $6,000 grant from the State of Michigan. Currently, there are 42 panels powering the Bakery and Food Co-op. Volunteers from the Co-op were also instrumental in the installation of the solar array at Ypsilanti City Hall and are helping Adams School apply for a grant for a solar installation. Further details, a live feed, and project updates are available at the Solar Ypsi website: