On Wednesday, Shelton told D’Mello he had 45 days to finish the job or will be remanded to the Washtenaw County Jail until the cleanup is done.

In the Jan. 3 e-mail to Ypsilanti Township and state officials, Lawrence Swistak, an attorney with Swistak Levine representing D'Mello, wrote his client intends to “eliminate any health and environmental dangers” to Ypsilanti Township residents. It also says D’Mello has entered into a written contract with Arrow Mobile Homes to remove any remaining trailers, vacant structures and debris from the property.

A company that owns the now abandoned Ypsilanti Mobile Village filed for bankruptcy in Detroit, just hours before company owner Dominic D’Mello was to appear in Washtenaw County Circuit Court for an emergency show cause hearing. Ypsilanti Township officials filed a motion to have the East Michigan Avenue trailer park secured, demolished and cleaned up. They say it has become a haven for criminal activity and now resembles a “Wild West ghost town.”

The owner of Ypsilanti Mobile Village filed for bankruptcy in federal court last week, stalling an attempt by township officials that would have required him to remove the rest of the abandoned trailers and clean up the now condemned park. Cormello, LLC filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy on Thursday Dec. 16, opening yet another drama in the saga surrounding the delapidated trailer park.

In the 2008 complaint, the township cited numerous issues — including dilapidated manufactured homes, debris such as appliances and garbage littered throughout the park, residents illegally tapping utility lines, D’Mello allowing a resident to live in a condemned mobile home and general disrepair to the park’s infrastructure. D’Mello told township officials he didn’t have the funds to make the repairs and intended to close the park. Case workers from the Shelter Association of Washtenaw County’s Homeless Prevention and Rapid Rehousing Program have been assisting the residents with moving.

Angry questions and a few threats flew at Ypsilanti Mobile Village owner Dominic D’Mello after the he arrived for an unexpected visit on Thursday and was surrounded by residents.

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