The ZORO (Zoning Ordinance Re-Organization) Project seeks to clarify and re-organize the zoning and development-related ordinances in the City of Ann Arbor. It is managed by the Ann Arbor City Planning Commission.

The ZORO home page notes:

The goal of the ZORO Project is to present the existing contents of the 11 development-related chapters of the City Code in a more coherent, consistent, concise, and user-friendly manner. These chapters should be comprehensive, clear, usable by seasoned professionals and the general public, enforceable and legally defensible, and adaptable.

Details: contact City Planner Alexis DiLeo, 734.794.6000, ext. 42610, or .


May 16, 2012. "The city of Ann Arbor has undertaken several major initiatives to overhaul regulations related to development. Two of those are completed: A2D2 (downtown zoning) and AHP (revisions to area, height and placement requirements). A third one, ZORO (zoning ordinance reorganization), which is a comprehensive zoning code review, is wrapping up. The city council was briefed on a consultant’s report on ZORO at its May 14, 2012 working session." "One of the projects under way is ZORO, a massive overhaul of the city's land use and development ordinances. That includes a consolidation of city regulations that currently are scattered among 11 different chapters of city code. The city agreed in October to hire a consultant for $122,480 to work on the project for a one-year period."

Ann Arbor residents invited to ZORO project meeting Wednesday,, December 2009. "Ann Arbor planning commissioners met tonight for a special two-hour working session with Colorado-based consultant Clarion Associates to discuss the city's Zoning Ordinance Re-Organization project, also known as ZORO."