Depressive Bipolar Support Alliance of Greater Chicago
6666 North Western Avenue
Chicago, IL 60645
Phone: 773-465-3280
Fax: 773-465-3385
Hours: M-Thus. 10 am - 2 pm
Contact: Manny Silverman
Meetings: Support group meetings; Educational meetings
Meeting Address: Please call or e-mail for meeting dates and locations
Cost: Free
Wheelchair Access: Yes
Publications: Bi-monthly newsletter

Updated: 7/19/2011

Description: The Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance of Greater Chicago (DBSA-GC) is a self-help group made up of laypersons whose lives are affected by mood disorders. The group is composed of people with the illness, their families and their friends. Its mission is to help those who are suffering from these illnesses and to improve their lives in the following ways: 1.) By offering monthly educational and support group programs for these individuals, their families and friends, health care providers and the general public as to the causes, symptoms, treatments and personal and social costs of these disorders. 2.) By offering emotional support, practical assistance and by encouraging members to seek the right medical advice. Mood disorders are treatable. 3.) By counteracting the isolation that is often associated with these illnesses. DBSA-GC believes that the confidential sharing of experiences with others in similar situations can help. 4.) And by restoring self-esteem so as to empower members to live as responsibly, fulfilled and with as much enjoyment as possible. Annual symposium in April.