Dear Friends,

A unique opportunity to make a dynamic difference in your daily life. A short presentation only an hour long, might well be the best hour you may have spent. Ideas to bring forth tools that help you live your best life, a great way to begin the New Year.

Please come to this transformational session designed to bring out your most energetic self. With a mind body shift you have not experienced yet.
In only an hour, a short peak into the nature of your mind, body and breath. Don't miss this special event.
You will also experience a powerful breathing technique.

Refreshments will be served, please bring family and friends.


Come join us to learn some simple yet powerful breathing-techniques, experience a guided meditation, learn about different sources of energy and the tendencies of your mind – all of which will dissolve your stress, fatigue and leave you with a smile!

We will explore the elegant Mind-Breath-Body connection, and how we can consciously use our breath to:

• To manage our Mind & Emotions

• Increase Energy, Productivity & Clarity of the Mind

• Skills for improving relationships at home & work

• Live in the present moment

• Live a healthier and happier life

There is a great secret in the breath. You have an in-built ability to calm the mind, heal the body, energize the whole system in minutes. The secret is in the breath. Come ... Discover it!


Seminar Date & Time:

Every Wednesday @ 7:30pm - 8:30 pm

Location Details:

Arlington Heights Memorial Library, Room I

500 N Dunton Ave, Arlington Heights, IL 60004



In this event you will get a glimpse of the Art of Living course. 
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