The Baltimore Improv Group (BIG)  is a non-profit improv comedy and theater organization in the Charles Street corrider.

    Now based in Baltimore's Station North Arts and Entertainment District at The BIG Theater 1727 N. Charles S.

    BIG – which is pronounced like the word “big” – offers a variety of classes and workshops for people of all skill levels, from beginners who are casually looking to learn comedy or public skills or learn for any reason. They also provide learning opportunities and performance space to experienced improvisers looking to expand their knowledge and technique.

    BIG also serves as a hub for live improv shows featuring both local and visiting performers. These shows range from short-form games to long-form narratives and showcase the creativity, spontaneity, and humor that are hallmarks of improvisational comedy.

    Anyone can form a team. College teams are invited to join too. The artistic counsel helps to schedule independent ("indie") improv teams and visitors.

    The organization was founded in 2004 with the aim of fostering a creative community where people of all backgrounds can come together to play, learn, and perform improv.


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