The Pennsylvania Avenue Black Arts and Entertainment District in Baltimore is a hub of Black artistic and cultural expression.

Spanning the length of Pennsylvania Avenue from Penn North to Upton, this new arts district has been designated by the Maryland Department of Commerce and Maryland State Arts Council. It's one of only four areas in the city with dedicated state tax credits and incentives to encourage economic development centered around the arts.

This vibrant area, located in West Baltimore, is home to an array of performance spaces, galleries, sit-down restaurants, and much more.

It's all thanks to a group of passionate organizations, like Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle, the Upton Planning Committee, Arch Social Club, and the Druid Heights Community Development Corporation, who've been working tirelessly to make this dream a reality.

With plans for a Cab Calloway museum, a Black women's history or Negro League project, and tax breaks for artists, this arts district brings new life to Pennsylvania Avenue and the surrounding community.

A recent study revealing that Baltimore's three arts districts produced nearly $148 million in economic impact in 2018 alone.

Events and Festivals

  • Legacy Festival (August 19, 2023) – Legacy Fest is an annual outdoor festival led by Baltimore’s Black creative community
  • Baltimore Black Artist Fair (November 11–12, 2023 – Connecting Black creatives from the Greater Baltimore Area

Destinations in the Pennsylvania Avenue Black Arts & Entertainment District:

Billie Holiday Statue, Pennsylvania Avenue and W. Lafayette Avenue. 
Photograph by Eli Pousson, Wikimedia Commons

  1. Arch Social Club – Recognized as the entryway to the Black Arts & Entertainment District and an entertainment venue
  2. Royal Theatre Monument – Celebrates the memory of Pennsylvania Avenue’s biggest entertainment jewel, which was demolished in 1971
  3. Billie Holiday Statue – the legendary jazz singer
  4. Shake and Bake Family Fun Center – Enjoy bowling and roller skating, operated by Baltimore City Recreation and Parks
  5. Jubilee Arts – Take dance and art classes
  6. Everyone’s Place – African American bookstore and cultural center
  7. The Avenue Bakery – Famous for “Poppay’s Rolls” and a delicious selection of breads, cakes, pies, and pastries




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