Downtown Baton Rouge is a businessy place, and often appears ghostly quiet after normal business hours. However, during the day it's a bustling place, and there's lots to see and do here.

business and government

This is the capital of Louisiana, after all, and many government functions take place downtown, not least in the State Capitol, which is open to the public and has a great observation deck.


places to eat

Most downtown eateries cater to the breakfast and lunch crowd, and close in the early afternoon.

  • Christina's - this is a great and very popular little diner located near 4th and Government. (Or is this in Beauregard town?) At noontime it's packed, but despite the bustling atmosphere one still gets the distinct impression that everyone there is on a first-name basis. Oh, yeah, it seems that Christina really is the owner.
  • Poor Boy Lloyd's - by Red Star, this place has later hours on Friday and Saturday.
  • Frostop - fast food
  • Tsunami - fancy sushi place on the roof of the LSU Museum of Art. If your would-be future employer is recruiting you—they'll take you here.


Most of the downtown nightlife seems to be on Third street, between North and Florida, though Red Star is around the corner.

  • Red Star - little hipster/indie bar
  • Boudreaux & Thibodeaux's - if you want to buy jello shots for sorority girls, this is your place