The entire LSU Campus is on the National Register of Historic Places.

"The historic campus consists of 46 buildings, with the majority of these dating from the 1920s and 1930s. Styled in a manner reminiscent of the architecture of the Italian Renaissance, many of the buildings achieve this effect with stucco over masonry construction and similar features.

The 46 historic buildings on the campus vividly reflect an important period in American architecture. The eclectic style they express has its roots in the French Beaux Arts system. This architectural spirit of learnedly imitating the past came to America in the late 19th century; LSU is by far the largest of the dozen or so eclectic complexes in the state, with 43 consistently styled buildings. The Memorial Tower on campus, built to resemble the historic clock tower at the basilica in Vicenaza, and the Old President's Home, designed in the Victorian Italianate Villa style, are but two examples on campus reflecting this architectural movement The architect who is primarily credited with the design of Louisiana State University's campus is Theodore C. Link 1, a former student of the Ecole des Beaux Arts." 2

Some things on campus:

Memorial Tower

  • Indian Mounds - One of dozens of mound complexes throughout the state, the mounds were built more than 5,000 years ago by the Native Americans and predate the Egyptian Pyramids. 3 The LSU Indian Mounds are on the National Registry of Historic Places.
  • Cogeneration Plant - going into service for spring quarter, 2005, the plant operates from a "turbine engine fueled by natural gas. The gas turbine drives an electric generator and the waste heat from the turbine is recovered in the form of steam, thus “co-generating” both electricity and steam in a combined heat and power process." 4
  • Memorial Tower - a campanile (free-standing bell tower) constructed 1923 and dedicated in 1926 to Louisianans who died in World War I. View in panorama. An LSU tradition holds that you must be kissed under the tower when the bell rings at midnight on Valentine's Day to be a true student. Turns out, this is the only night the bell tolls after 10pm.
  • Middleton Library - located in the LSU Quadrangle, the library is home to more than 2 million volumes. View in Panorama
  • Quadrangle - planted in azaleas, crepe myrtles and magnolia trees, the quadrangle is one of the most beautiful spots on campus View in panorama including by the Fountain at Dodson Auditorium
  • Eating near LSU campus
  • To Expand Upon:
    • Time Capsules !!
    • An enormous football stadium - Conjecture: The volume of the football stadium exceeds the combined volume of all academic buildings
    • The LSU Dairy Store for locally made ice cream
    • A cool art department


1. Link died in Baton Rouge while working on LSU
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