LocalWiki Nuts and Bolts

You, yes you reading this, can help us build LocalWiki in southwest Virginia. There are some ropes to learn, but they are pretty straightforward, especially if you have spent much time doing things like writing emails. You can visit this page for a very basic introduction to working in LocalWiki. The Champaign-Urbana LocalWiki has some more in-depth info in their guide.

Add an Organization

Do you want to add a new organization? This general organizational template might be helpful. To use, copy and paste it into the new page.

Add a new County

Do you want to add a new county, town, or city? Go to this page. Since SW VA is rural we think adding counties is the best approach.

Tagging Vocabulary

Find and add tags to this vocabulary. The link is to the vocabulary that is being used across Central Appalachia.