General About the Organization/Mission : CLRFS is an online resource of the eXtension, an interactive learning website of the cooperative extension system. CLRFS exists to strengthen local and regional food systems.

Basic Info : CLRFS is an online resource that offers research, resources and “ask-an-expert” question forum around the issue of regional food systems. The resource covers topics such as food access, local food production, food security and economic development around local food. It is an online networking platform that provides a database of information, research and member organization listings. Members can use the platform to collaborate and share information with each other.


Type of Organization Non-profit
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Issues of Focus : Local and Regional Food Systems

Programs and Projects : CLRFS has an “ask the expert” forum hosted by university experts from around the country. You can ask relevant questions and receive a fairly quick response.  They also offer webinars and a listserve.

 Partners and Frequent Collaborators

  • CLRFS is used and staffed by universities around the country.

Future Developments for This Wiki

  • More details on programs and how to use