1. Supply Chain

The food system supply chain is a snapshot of the process that moves food from the farm to the consumer, to the waste system. In central Appalachia, there are vast resources 

1.1 Production

1.1.1 Vegetable Production. 

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1.1.2 Meat Production. Because the mountainous landscape is generally unsuitable for intensive row-crop production, many farmers in the region raise meat livestock thea t

1.2.3 Dairy Production.

1.1.4 Fiber Production

1.1.5 Urban Production. Though rural agriculture makes up the greatest portion of agricultural production in central Appalachia, there are significant agricultural production systems underway in the region. 

1.2 Food Processing

1.2.1 Vegetable Processing

1.2.2 Meat Processing

1.3 Food Safety

1.3.1 Food Safety for Producers

1.3.2 Food Safety for Processors

1.3.3 Food Safety for Retailers

1.3.4 Food Safety Modernization Act

1.4 Marketing

1.4.1 Direct Marketing

1.4.2 Third-Party Marketing

1.4.3 Other (non-monetary exchanges)

1.5 Institutional Procurement

1.5.1 Farm to School (Name of primary contact for all things Farm to School in Central Appalachia) Menus (Link to all internal to local wiki)

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Food handling

Traceability Bidding Sheets

1.5.2 Farm to Hospital

1.5.3 Farm to Restaurant

1.6 Distribution and Aggregation

1.6.1 Food Hubs

1.6.2 Other

1.7 Food System Waste

1.7.1 Recycling and Composting

1.7.2 Markets for Seconds

1.7.3 Donating to the Emergency Food System

1.7.4 Gleaning

1.8 Emergency Food System

1.8.1 Food Banks

1.8.2 Food Pantries

1.8.3 SNAP

1.8.4 WIC