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Increasingly, African American Studies has become an interdisciplinary field that focuses on race as a social construction. Our department has led the field with its emphasis on the African Diaspora and the cultures, patterns of social organization, political economies, life conditions, etc. of various African-based societies and communities in the Caribbean, Latin America, the United States, Europe, and other areas of the world. In addition to the development of African American Studies as a coherent and innovative discipline, departmental efforts are focused on fundamental reformulations of the theories, frameworks and methods employed for understanding race and ethnicity. The field of African American Studies is new and developing. Our department has managed to establish itself at the forefront of the intellectual development of the field.


Upper Division Core Requirements

AAS 100: Introduction to African American Studies AAS 101: Interdisciplinary Research Methods AAS 116: Colonialism, Slavery, and African American Life Before 1865 AAS 117: African Americans in the Industrial Age, 1865-1970 advisor.

Upper Division Elective Requirements

(A Total of 4 or 6 (depending on status of thesis)* from Social Sciences and Humanities)

AAS 107: Race and Public Policy AAS 109: Black and Male in the United States AAS 111: Race, Class and Gender in the United States AAS 112A: Political and Economic Development in Third World AAS 112B Political and Economic Development in the Third World. AAS 113 Race, Ideology and Economics in Africa and African America. AAS 119 Selected Topics in the Socio-Historical Development of the Black World. AAS 121 Black Political Life in the United States AAS 122 African American Families in American Society AAS 124 Political Philosophy of Martin L. King Jr. AAS 126 African American Women's History. AAS 131 Caribbean Societies and Cultures. AAS 132 Psychology of African Americans. AAS 135 Caribbean Cultural History. AAS 137 Multicultural Communities. AAS 138 Black Nationalism AAS 139 Selected Topics of African American Social Organization and Institutions.

Humanities Courses

AAS 142A Third World Cinema. AAS 142B The Cross-Cultural Images of American Minorities in Film. AAS 142C Scenario and Film Criticism. AAS 143A Performance: African American Perspective. AAS 143B Research-to-Performance Laboratory. AAS 143C Black Theater Workshop. AAS 145 Gospel Chorus AAS 150A African American Literature 1746 - 1920. AAS 150B African American Literature 1920 to present. AAS 151A Early African American Drama AAS 151B Contemporary African American Drama AAS 152 series

  • 152A African American Essays: The Nature and Tradition.
  • 152B African American Poetry: The Nature and Tradition.
  • 152C African American Dramatic Literature: Forms and Styles.
  • 152D African American Short Stories.
  • 152E African American Novels and Narratives

AAS 153A Images of African American Women in Literature: Slavery to the 20th Century. AAS 153B Contemporary Images of African American Women in Literature. AAS 154 Nègritude: French African Literature. AAS 155 Literatures of the Caribbean. AAS 156AC Poetry for the People. AAS 158A The Writing and Teaching of Poetry. AAS 159 Special Topics in African American Literature. AAS 160 African Literatures. AAS 161 African Theater. AAS 163 African Literatures by Women. AAS 164 Pidgin and Creole Languages. AAS 190AC Advanced Seminar in African Diaspora Studies.