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Lily Starling, Nationally and California Certified Massage Therapist
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Lily Starling is expanding her practice from Davis to Berkeley. You can find reviews of her practice on the one-and-only, the phenomenon that began the local wiki movement!

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy is a powerful but gentle form of light touch therapy. It assesses and restores the rhythm of vitality and function to the most sensitive system in the body- the membranes and fascia that protect and nourish the central nervous system.

Lily practices Upledger craniosacral therapy because she is called to it passionately and profoundly. As a student of both massage therapy and psychology (BS- Applied Behavioral Analysis), she is irrevocably convinced that true healing can only occur when traumas enshrouded by the nervous system are afforded physical, energetic, and emotional release.

Some conditions that have been successfully treated with Craniosacral Therapy include:

migraines neck/back pain TMJD brain and spinal cord injuries depression chronic fatigue fibromyalgia motor impairment stress-related conditions, including PTSD neurovascular and immune disorders learning disabilities post-surgery dysfunction vision problems strabismus scoliosis

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Lily offers online booking, packages, student discounts, and gift certificates. She is national, California, and AMPB certified. Her practice is conveniently located in downtown Berkeley on the corner of Shattuck and Dwight, just far enough away from campus to have decent parking!

Lily attended Heartwood Institute of Massage, a renowned healing program in California. Started as a social experiment in the late 60s, the Heartwood community organized in the following decades around massage therapy and Asian healing arts training. It is now known as one of the most intensive and prestigious certification programs for massage and wellness. She completed 780 hours of training over 9 months.