The Berkeley Skatepark is a super fun concrete skatepark near 924 Gilman. It's well lit with some really nice lines, a few small street features. It closes at 9:30 but has some nice lighting, and the evening hours provide relief from kids and scooters. There's a pool, it's cute, and you can climb to the edge and yell at your friends on the other side of the fence to get you some water or a skate tool.


From time to time you'll see some famous pro people skating there (or incognito) but it's a little more local and low-key than the glitz and glamour at Portreo.


It's surrounded on all sides by a metal fence so you can feel a little Mad Max Thunderdome as all sorts of industry activity plotting and planning swirls around you.  All sorts of exciting theater can occur here when out of town visits drop by; you'll see girls from Oregon skating in print dresses, Los Angeles skate teams battling it out, and little kids in scooters terrorizing middle-aged tattooed skaters.


I guess the official name is Harrison Skatepark but have you ever heard anyone call it that? Nope.

Bikes The official website says that bikes aren't allowed but you'll see bikes there from time to time. I'm not sure if the the place is big enough for them.
Bathroom Yes, it has a bathroom. The little kids like to set it on fire from time to time, but it's a functioning bathroom which is highly awesome. 
Parking Really awesome parking most everywhere
Benches There are benches on the side. For the most part the benchers are well behaved, although they can be quite naughty and add unnecessary drama. Other times they can add righteous rawness. It's just like Little League Baseball parents. Yin and Yang.
Office There's an office and the guys that work here are pretty cool. Don't expect them to control what cannot be controlled. Little League coaches can't even control the parents, how can you expect anyone to control the scooter kids that are terrorizing middle aged skater men with tattoos?