Bakery and Cheese Counter: 1504 Shattuck Ave.

Pizza: 1512 Shattuck Ave.


BAKERY - closed Sunday

Monday 7am-1pm

Tuesday - Friday 7am-6pm

Saturday 8am-5pm

CHEESE - closed Sunday

Monday - Pre-cut cheeses only

Tuesday - Friday 10am-6pm

Saturday 10am-5pm

PIZZA - Open Wednesday through Saturday

LUNCH: 11:30 to 3 pm

DINNER: 4:30 to 8 pm

(510) 549-3183
1967, worker-owned since 1971
Price range

1 slice of pizza: $2.50

Whole pizza: $20


Pizza: http://cheeseboardcollective.coop/pizza

Bakery/Cheeses: http://cheeseboardcollective.coop/cheese_bakery

The Cheese Board was founded as a privately owned cheese shop in 1967 by Elizabeth and Sahag Avedisian (1930–2007). In 1971, the owners and their six employees converted their business from a conventional privately owned firm to an egalitarian worker-owned collective by distributing shares in the business equally between themselves and their employees and equalizing the wages of all of the new worker/owners. The semi-autonomous Pizza operation was started in 1990. The combined operation currently has over 55 workers. The Cheese Board brings a European focus on cheeses but also emphasizes locally grown cheeses. 

The Cheese Board was featured on the Food Network show "Rachael's Vacation," featuring Rachael Ray. The "Bay Area" episode first aired on January 16, 2009.