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Major Requirements



ID Course Name
CS3 Introduction to Symbolic Programming
CS3L Introduction to Symbolic Programming
CS3S Introduction to Symbolic Programming
CS4 Introduction to Computing for Engineers
CS9D Scheme and Functional Programming for Programmers
CS9E Productive Use of the UNIX Environment
CS9E-1 (see CS9E)
CS9E-2 (see CS9E)
CS9F C++ for Programmers
CS9G JAVA for Programmers
CS9H Python for Programmers
CS9A Matlab for Programmers
CS9B Pascal for Programmers
CS9C C for Programmers
CS30S unknown
CS39E Freshman Seminar
CS39J The Art and Science of Photography
CS39K Information Technology goes to War
CS39A Introduction to Computer Animation
CS47A Completion of Work in Computer Science 61A
CS47B Completion of Work in Computer Science 61B
CS47C Completion of Work in Computer Science 61C
CS61A The Structure and Interpretation of Computer Progra...
CS61B Data Structures
CS61BL Data Structures and Programming Methodology
CS61C Machine Structures
CS61CL Machine Structures (UCWise section)
CS70 Discrete Mathematics and Probability Theory
CS84 Interactive Choreography in 3D Tele-Immersive Spaces
CS98 CS98/198 Directed Group Studies for Advanced Undergraduates
CS123 ISG Test Class
CS150 Components and Design Techniques for Digital System...
CS152 Computer Architecture and Engineering
CS160 User Interface Design and Development
CS161 Computer Security
CS162 Operating Systems and System Programming
CS164 Programming Languages and Compilers
CS169 Software Engineering
CS170 Efficient Algorithms and Intractable Problems
CS172 Computability and Complexity
CS174 Combinatorics and Discrete Probability
CS182 The Neural Basis of Thought and Language
CS184 Foundations of Computer Graphics
CS186 Introduction to Database Systems
CS188 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
CS191 Quantum Information Science and Technology
CS194 Special Topics
CS195 Social Implications of Computing
CS198 CS98/198 Directed Group Studies for Advanced Undergraduates
CS199 Independent Study
CS234 unknown
CS250 VLSI Systems Design
CS252 Graduate Computer Architecture
CS254 Topics in VLSI Systems Design
CS260 Research Topics in Human-Computer Interaction
CS262 Advanced Topics in Computer Systems
CS262A Advanced Topics in Computer Systems
CS263 Design of Programming Languages
CS264 Implementation of Programming Languages
CS265 Advanced Programming Language Implementation
CS266 Introduction to System Performance Analysis
CS267 Applications of Parallel Computers
CS268 Computer Networks
CS270 Combinatorial Algorithms and Data Structures
CS274 Computational Geometry
CS275 unknown
CS276 Cryptography
CS280 Foundations of Computer Vision
CS281A Statistical Learning Theory
CS282 Algebraic Algorithms
CS283 unknown
CS284 Computer-Aided Geometric Design
CS285 Solid Free-Form Modeling and Fabrication
CS286 Implementation of Data Base Systems
CS287 Advanced Robotics
CS288 An Artificial Intelligence Approach to Natural Language Processing
CS289 Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
CS294 CS 294 Seminar Home Pages
CS297 Field Studies in Computer Science
CS298 CS 298 Seminar Home Pages
CS299 Individual Research
CS301 Teaching Techniques for Computer Science
CS302 Designing Computer Science Education