Cost of Adoption In Bloomington-Normal


Adoption agencies in the Bloomington Normal Area are here to help. These organizations do provided for their community and you can really see this work by listening  to the radio and noticing all the fundraisers there are to help put the community. 

Table of Contents:

  • Lowering the Cost of Adoption
  • Number of Adoption in Illinois 
  • What affects the cost of Adoption
  • Sources

 Cost of Adoption

Domestic adoption in Illinois costs on average 30,000. “There are more than 16,000 children in foster care in the state of Illinois.”(Children home aid).  Creating a grant to lower foster care costs, adoption, and giving a tax break to new parents. Finding a way to get a grant for there to be payment relief so that parents wouldn't struggle just to help out these children. Each month more than 300 children get put into foster care because of neglect (Children's Home Aid). 4 million children in the United States are put up for adoption. Lowering the cost it takes to foster a child in America can increase the number of adoptions. The cost of foster care is lower it could lead to people fostering more children than adopting children in foster care. .Cost of Adoption.mp4

Number of Adoptions In Illinois 

Approximately 50,000 children in foster care are adopted each year. (PATimes).  An increase in domestic adoption is extremely necessary for America. Many children need foster care and need to find welcoming loving homes. The increasing number of adoptions can lead to fewer children in foster care.

What Affects the Cost of Adoption

The cost of adoption is so high because the process of adopting a baby legally requires the involvement of attorneys, social workers, physicians, government administrators, adoption specialists, counselors, and more. Many agencies can give refunds to parents who have had an adoption distribution.  Programs like American Adoption have a Risk Sharing program that has saved families over 4.6 million dollars since 2009 (American Adoption). The cost of adoption is critical in the United States. Many families would be great adoptive parents but don't have the financial means. Creating a grant for families who want to adopt but don't have the financial means will give so many children the opportunity to have a loving family. The agencies that help families with taking care of the financial step of adoption are giving these children the opportunity that they knew might not have gotten if these agencies didn't step up. 

Creating a grant to lower the cost of foster care, giving agencies the funding to help these families, and creating a tax break. 







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