With degrees in Earth Science, like geology and meteorology, people can be employed in scientific fields by federal and state governments, higher education, oil companies, the waste management industry, environmental consultants and employers with a need for weather forecasting. The demand for those with Earth Science degrees is currently very strong.

Heartland Community College offers a quality and affordable program for those who desire an associates degree with an emphasis in Earth Science. This degree requires a minimum of 60 credit hours in order to transfer to a four-year university. 

The program at Heartland ensures that students will have learned to:

  • Explore and apply basic principles and laws governing the natural world.
  • Understand how Earth's history is reflected in landforms, strata and the fossil record.
  • Analyze processes that operate in Earth's atmosphere.
  • Recognize the variables that contribute to weather forecasting.
  • Analyze physical processes that operate on and beneath Earth's surface.
  • Critically evaluate and analyze information.
  • Communicate scientific ideas and solutions effectively both in writing and verbally.