Heartland Community College is a community college located in Normal, Illinois. Founded in 1991, Heartland Community College is a fully accredited institution with campuses located in Normal, Lincoln, and Pontiac. HCC Homepage

Heartland is one of the newest community colleges in Illinois.It has friendly staff and faculty with a predominantly female workforce. It is a great option if you want to save on college tuition yet want a degree from a great university.The college has several organizations that help students every step of the way such as Project Rise

HCC has a great library with access to every other library in the state. As a student, you can go to the library and request a book and it's usually in within two days!

Heartland Community College

Heartland's campus seems to be growing very rapidly so new buildings are being built this year and will hopefully be done by next year. There are over 40 programs to help prepare students for transferring and help to start planning their career.

There is an apartment complex entitled "The Point" right across the road from Heartland Community College, that is very convenient for the students. The Point is one of many Apartments available to students.


literally, hell. 

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Health and Human Services

The health and human services program provides an Associate Degree in Nursing, while also offering courses in Criminal Justice, Early Childhood Education, Emergency Medical Services, Health, Medical Transcriptionist, Nursing Assistant, Practical Nursing, and Radiography. 

Humanities and Fine Arts

The humanities and fine arts program offer courses in the following areas: Art, Chinese, Communication, English, Creative Writing, Film, French, German, Hebrew, Humanities, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Music, Philosophy, Photography, Religion, Spanish, Theatre, and Women's Studies.

Math and Science

The math and science program offers courses in Agriculture, Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Engineering, Geology, Mathematics, Physics, Pre-Medicine, and Pre-Veterinary. They also offer a science internship.

Social and Business Sciences

Take courses in the following areas: Accounting,Anthropology, Applied Computer Science, Business, Economics, Education, Geography, History, Office Technology, Political Science, Psychology, Social Work, Sociology, Technology, Communication Graphics, Computer Aided Design, Computer Science, Computer Maintenance Technician, Computer Networking, Computer Technology: Programming, Construction, Digital Media Communication, Electrician Apprentice Program, Electrical Maintenance Technology, Facilities Maintenance Technology, Industrial Maintenance Technology, Information Technology Interior Design, Laborer Apprentice, Machine Tool Technology, Maintenance Technology, Manufacturing Technology, Material and Logistics Management, Quality Technology, Renewable Energy & Environmental Controls, Technology, Technical Math, Technical Physics, Web Application Developer, Web Media Designer, Welding

ESL Program

The ESL { English Second Language) is a program for Adults who want to learn English.

Heartland Community College Student Resources




The Heartland Library is a free resource to students at the college. Students can check out books, magazines, and movies, along with being able to use the computer lab, which also has the benefit of allowing students to print school work for free. The librarians are very helpful if you are having trouble locating a specific source. The library also subscribes to iShare, a system that allows students to request books from libraries around the state.

The library also houses the Testing and Tutoring Center and Writing Services, both of which are great, free resources for students. For more information, visit their website: http://www.heartland.edu/library/

Heartland's tutoring services are either drop-in or you can make an appointment. Being able to drop-in whenever you have time between classes is a helpful thing so you do not make an appointment and have to cancel if your class runs over. They offer math tutors and writing tutors that can answer any questions you need whether it be about any math course you are taking or the beginning of writing a paper. They offer one on one tutoring or study groups where there are others may be struggling with what you are also struggling with. What is great about it is you do not have to go all the time; if you have questions about one thing and then can figure the rest out, you are not pressured to go again. You can go multiple times a week, or not at all.

Open Monday through Thursday 10:00 am to 7:00 pm.

Heartland Writing Center

I can say the Heartland writing center is one of my favorite spots on campus. It is where I go whenever I have spare time on my hands and is also very friendly.                 The Heartland writing center is located on the main campus on the second floor room number ICB2705. The writing center has 22 desktop computers not,                     including the two which are for the instructors, one printer open for everyone to use, a reclining chair which anyone can take a nap in, a desk with chairs, and several couches and sofas. There is also a mini-fridge, a microwave, a coffee maker and coffee supplies.

I come by the writing center very often and mostly it is for completing an assignment, reading a book, or killing time surfing the web. But that is not all that one can get done in the writing center. The writing center is equipped with instructors who greet you when you come in and ask you if you need any help and help you with anything you need, whether it's developing a thesis statement, organizing your ideas, or revising a draft. The instructors will help you with anything you need. 

The writing center is open from 9 to 4 Monday through Thursday so come on in!

Heartland Game Center

Out of the many different facilities Heartland has to offer to its students, one of them is the Heartland Game Center which is open to all Heartland Community College members. It is one of my favorite spots to visit whenever I am on campus. I go there whenever I have any spare time and is a very friendly place. The Heartland Community College Game Center is located in the Student Commons Building at the end of the campus in room number TP005 between where the library and the cafeteria are located. The Heartland Community College Game Center is equipped with a pool table a Play Station 4 and X-Box 360 and a very large variety of different games from which you can choose any and play. You must present your Heartland Community College ID to be able to sign in to the game center, and once you're in you can stay until closing time. The timing is as follows: 9 am - 4 pm Mondays through Thursdays. 

So if you are ever on campus and have nothing to do come on over to the Commons Building and head over to the Heartland Community College Game Center and join the fun!

Transferring to or from Heartland

The main reason people attend Heartland is not only because it is cheap but to eventually transfer to a four-year university. The standard plan is to get an Associate in Arts or Associate in Science degree. These are both two-year degrees if you follow the standard academic plan. You would then transfer to a four-year university to finish the last two years of school.

If interested in transferring to Psychology program at ISU, check out this page ISU Psychology Program

Classes to take:

  • Communications-9 credits
  • Humanities and Fine Arts-9 credits
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences-9 credits
  • Life and Physical Sciences-7 to 8 credits
  • Math-3 to 8 credits
  • Electives-19 to 23 credits

The Electives portion of classes is a very important part and varies for each person as to what to take. These classes will vary depending on what you plan to do after Heartland. If you are going to a four-year university then you will want to take classes that be related to your eventual degree from that school or classes that help you better prepare for that school. You can visit your four-year school's website for more information about what they suggest you take to prepare best. If you find that the school you are transferring doesn't have very many suggestions on what to take then you will want to take classes related to your major. If you then finish taking classes related to your major and you need more then you can take practically any class you would like. If you have that option then make sure you still do some research on classes to take. One suggestion is to just take any class that sounds interesting to you. You will enjoy these more and are more likely to do well in them. Another is to take classes in subjects you know you are good at. Even if they are boring you are likely to do well in them. If you don't want to do either of those then you can ask people around campus to find what the easiest classes to take are. The whole point of these is to keep your GPA high and to help you transfer to another school.

If you would like to see exactly what classes fit each of these requirements you can visit:  http://www.heartland.edu/documents/transfer/programRequirements.pdf

Transferring to Heartland:

There are only a few things you need to do to transfer to Heartland. You first need to send them your transcripts from the college you are transferring from. These have to be sent from that college otherwise Heartland won't take them. If possible it's best to get them in a week before you have your academic advisement appointment so that they can see what you will transfer and what you still need to take. Before you see your advisor you will also want to take Heartland's placement tests. These tests will help further evaluate what classes you should and shouldn't take or be in.

How to submit your transcripts: http://www.heartland.edu/enroll/transcripts.jsp

Info about placement tests: http://www.heartland.edu/assessment/



Men's Soccer

If you are looking to continue your athletic career while furthering your education Heartland soccer is a great choice. Heartland has one of the most competitive programs in the country with one of the best and most experienced coaching staffs. Dr. Bodo Fritzen is the head coach at Heartland and is assisted by Paul Kowerko. Before coming to Heartland, Fritzen coach at U-High for 20 years appearing in four state tournaments. His overall high school coaching record is 305-110. Kowerko played under Fritzen at I.S.U. and also played on a semi-pro team in Springfield Illinois. He has spent time with the U.S. National team assessing minority players and was invited by the Olympic Development Program three times to be a Region coach for U-17 men's teams. The 09-10 Heartland men's team is the best in Heartland soccer three-year history. With a record of 14-3-1 Heartland is well known around the state and the country as one of the top teams. They have the leading scorer in the nation, Javier Torres, as well as the number eight scorer in the nation in Phil Hamilton as well as a solid defense (20 goals against in 18 games played) and a strong midfield.

Heartland Women's Soccer


           The Heartland Men's Baseball team plays in the Corn Crib. The Heartland Hawks are coached by Head Coach Nate Metzger. Metzger is also the head director of the athletics at Heartland Community College. Nate Metzger has coached 10 NJCAA All-Americans, four First Team All-Americans, 22 All-Region 24 players, 48 all-conference players, 22 academic all-conference selections, 10 Academic All-Americans, three straight Region 24 Tournament Most Valuable Players (2011, 2012, and 2013), and seven Rawlings Gold Glove award winners, including 2010 All-American Gold Glove winner Bryan Huff. n 2014, Metzger led the Hawks to a 43-13 record, a fifth consecutive M-WAC championship, and their sixth straight season with over 40 victories. Metzger coached infielder Nolan Lodden who was named a First Team All-American, and the squad also featured fellow All-Region selections Pat Cashman and Derek Bangert, who was also honored as the M-WAC Co-Freshman of the Year. In seven seasons leading the Hawks baseball program, Metzger has compiled an impressive 325-78 (.806) record, including a 176-37 (.826) record in Mid-West Athletic Conference play, and a 153-25 (.859) mark at home. Under Metzger’s direction, the Hawks have advanced to the NJCAA Division-II World Series three times, including a third-place finish in 2012 and a fourth-place finish in 2013, and have been nationally ranked by the NJCAA every season, while holding a #1 national ranking in 2011 and 2012.  Metzger’s teams have also captured five straight M-WAC regular season championships and have won 40 plus games for six straight seasons. Additionally, in 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013, Metzger was named both the Region 24 and M-WAC Coach of the Year. Metzger has also experienced great success at getting players through his program and onto the next level of their baseball careers. Of the 107 players who have moved through the Heartland baseball program, all 107 have gone on to attend a four-year school and complete four-year degrees, and 94 of those players have moved on to play baseball at four-year programs. Of those 94 student-athletes, 67 have gone on to Division-I programs with 13 continuing to play baseball professionally. Prior to his time with Heartland athletics, Metzger held numerous coaching positions which add to his impressive resume. During the summers of 1999 and 2000, Metzger managed elite level college players with the Twin City Stars of the Central Illinois Collegiate League, and in the summer of 2001, Metzger was selected to serve as the pitching coach for the McDonalds/Mitsubishi Comets 13-14-year-old select team which traveled to Cuba. From 2002-2004 Metzger served as the general manager and head coach of the Twin City Scrappers, a summer collegiate team which won the NABF World Series in 2004. Metzger returned to the Central Illinois Collegiate League in 2005 with the Scrappers, leading the team to a second-place finish in their inaugural season. In four seasons the Scrappers accumulated a 139-68 (.671) record.



Creative Writing

Heartland has a growing creative writing program. Students can take courses in poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction. Each semester, the college publishes Muse, the student literary magazine. There are also open mic readings and readings by visiting writers.


Joe McCauley - Well-known artist and art faculty who was killed in 2009.

Heartland's faculty is a helpful community of teachers that have offices hours that allow you to see them between classes or after or before school. They give their email address, office hours, and even at times their own phone number in case you have questions on an assignment or project you are working on.


Phi Theta Kappa, also ΦΘΚ or sometimes PTK, is the international honor society of two-year colleges and academic programs, particularly community colleges and junior colleges. It also includes Associate's degree-granting programs offered by four-year colleges. It is headquartered in Jackson, Mississippi and has more than 2 million members in more than 1,200 chapters, in nations including the United States, Canada, Germany, and Japan. Phi Theta Kappa's purpose is to recognize and encourage scholarship among two-year college students. To fulfill this purpose, Phi Theta Kappa provides an outlet for leadership development, fellowship among student members, community service, and continuing academic excellence.

Life as an HCC student

Being a Heartland student can open many doors in the future. It's convenient for the community because it's locally and anyone can attend. Attending a two-year college instead of a university can help a lot of students financially, by doing this you're saving tons of money community from locally in town. Creating your own flexible schedule can be very convent to the students if they have an active life.  The parking is free and there are child care services that are available. There are free tutoring services available and the faculty is more than happy to help you with your needs. The campus isn't that big so it's not hard too find classes or buildings. There is a café on campus, which serves daily food such as, breakfast, lunch, and dinner and has daily specials so no one has the same exact lunch every single day. Everyone is pretty friendly, including the staff. Heartland is a great educational school for someone who is not sure what they want to do later in life and Heartland is the place where they can help you create a fantastic and successful life.