Campus Layout.

The campus of Heartland Community College is currently made up of twelve different buildings and the nearby Birky pond. The first building that you would likely see first is the Corn Crib Stadium if you are heading west; while you would most likely the Student Commons Building first if you are heading east. Most of the campus is for public use, while there are areas that are restricted to authorized staff. There are fifteen parking lots on the main campus, as well as one parking lot for the Corn Crib Stadium. Each of the parking areas on campus has at least one emergency station. These areas are to be used for medical emergencies or dangerous threats and must be used only when it is necessary. Finding classes are easy to do when you find the organization of the classes.  Each room is separated into four numbers; the first digit determines what floor the room is on. The second digit tells what side of the hall the class is on, evens on one side, odds on the other. The lasttwo numbers help determine which room it is, helping students find their classes easier.Campus Map

Community Commons Building (CCB)

Front of CCB

The Community Commons Building is the middlemost building on the south end of the campus. This is the building that can easily be found in the front of campus. This building is home to the main offices and councilors. This building is necessary for enrollment and to transfer to other colleges and universities as well as helping you figure out what classes that you would need or want and even help you organize what classes to take. There are two staircases in the Community Commons Building, one central hall, and another at the very end of the West wing. There is an elevator available for use on the East wing of the building.

Floor 1

The first floor of the Community Commons Building contains an information desk that allows you to get any necessary information about the campus. If you are new to Heartland, the information desk will give you a map of the campus. The East wing of the building contains a few lecture halls which are used for meetings, high school field trips, and events throughout the year. The West wing of the building contains the offices of the guidance counselors and federal aid for those who need it. On the west end, you can find the offices for the guidance counselors, in front of the offices, there is another reception desk. One side of the desk is for placing an appointment for your counselor, while the other side of the desk is for paying your tuition for your classes. There is one restroom on this floor for each gender; the East wing contains the men’s restroom close to the main hall, while the women’s restroom is on the West wing close to the main hall.

Floor 2

The second floor is of little use for students or visitors. On the East wing is more lecture halls which are used less frequently. Restrooms are right above where the restrooms are of the first floor. The West wing contains a few rooms which are not used often, but are usually used on ‘New Student Day’ when new students come to learn about the campus, study plans, logging into their Heartland accounts, applying for classes, and a quick tour around campus. There are multiple works of art found on this floor, most of which are made by Heartland students. This floor is also home to a few offices of the faculty. At the very end of the West wing is a sky bridge that connects the second floor of the Community Commons Building to the second floor of the Student Commons Building.

Student Commons Building (SCB)

The Student Commons Building is the Southwestern building on campus This building is the most used building by students for multiple uses, like getting supplies, putting extra work on assignments, working on papers, tutoring services, and even a cafeteria. This building is very important for student in many different ways with many different reasons.

Floor 1


The café is the northernmost area of the Student Commons Building on the first floor.  This is where students can purchase food and eat, while occasionally having some form of entertainment on the stage. The stage can have a music group, comedy group or comedian, and more forms of entertainment. The stage will not always be in use, which allows students to communicate, study, or work on assignments. On the northern area of the café are a couple of restrooms for when it is needed.


The bookstore is just south of the café and north of the textbook swap. The bookstore allows students to purchase or rent books that would be required for classes, either new or old, in any subject. The bookstore also contains other utensils like pens and pencils, erasers, and calculators as well as supplies for art classes. Customers can also purchase Heartland merchandise like shirts, keychains, and thermal cups. This is an easy and quick way to get your supplies ready for classes without the hassle of going from store to store.

Textbook Swap

The Textbook Swap is to the left of the Bookstore. This is where students are able to return their old textbooks for future students to use in their classes as well as getting other textbooks when taking new classes.

Locker Room

The Locker Room is right behind of the Textbook Swap. This contains multiple wooden lockers that are available for student use. These lockers are for a day’s use only, meaning that the contents of the locker is required to be cleaned out and the key be returned by the end of the day

Rec Center

The rec center is right by the middle-north entrances across from the textbook swap. Students are able to play billiards, watch TV, or even hang out and talk. Students must present their Student ID in order to enter. Inside the rec center are two TVs used to play PlayStation 4, Xbox 1, or Nintendo Wii as well as watch news or popular shows. There are four computers for use at any time specifically for recreational use. There also is a pool table in the room and an air hockey table.


The library is a large area just south of the Rec center. The library allows people to check out books as well as study and work on essays and papers. There is also a tutoring center and the disability support center as well as project HALO and the ID station

Computer Station

The computer station allows students to work on projects, study online, and write essays. There are two printers that allow students to print off whatever they need.

Tutoring Center

The tutoring center is a good chunk of the Library. The tutoring center allows one to place a free appointment by phone or in person. One can schedule for some time next week or later that day. Students can get help with any subject that they need. The Tutoring center also provides the Math Help Lab for those who need help with their math classes. The tutoring center also provides help with how you use your time. This is good for those who do not always use their time wisely.

ID Station

The ID station is used to provide students with their Heartland IDs, which is important for multiple uses like checking out books, purchasing supplies from the bookstore, and taking use of the tutoring center.

Floor 2

The second floor is mainly used for students to sit down and work on their assignments. On the southern end of the building is the assessment center, testing center, and information technologies. The assessment center helps you find what classes you should start off in and determines what your skill level is in math, science, reading and writing. The testing center allows you to take tests in a quiet location or make up a missed exam. The northernmost area is more of a resource center, allowing students to work on their assignments, but when final exams are near, this helps students relax and not stress too much over their final grades. Restrooms are found on both ends of the building. The elevator is found just south of the Resource center. There are sky bridges on both north and south ends connecting to the Instructional Commons Building and the Community Commons Building.

Instructional Commons Building (ICB)

The ICB is focused on the required class as well as language classes. The ICB is found south of the ICN, north of the CCB, and east of the SCB. This is the second longest building, right behind the SCB.

Floor 1

The first floor is separated into two areas; the eastern area appears to be used for medical science. There are some labs which contain medical equipment, some of which are heavy equipment needed to remain of lower floors. The restroom is close to the western entrance, which opens up to a small outdoor area. The western area of the ICB is used for science classes and other lecture classes. Both sides of the first floor have an elevator to the second floor. The west wing of the ICB has three stairwells while the east wing has two.

Floor 2

The west wing holds most of the offices for the professors and teachers. One can find a sky bridge to the SCB on the far west side. The eastern side contains many classrooms as well as the McCauley Gallery, which has art painted by a popular art student. There is also the writing center that allows students to get help in writing their papers and essays. ENGLISH CLASSES (COMPUTER CLASSROOMS) There are three restrooms spread evenly on this floor.

Instructional Commons North (ICN)

Northeastern view of ICN

The ICN is an extension of the ICB. This building is located east of the SCB, west of the ACEC, and north of the ICB. This building functions as an extension for what classes are performed in the ICB.  There is a stair case in the middle as well as the north and south ends of the building. The elevator is found in the middle of the building.

Floor 1

The bottom floor is used more for the science and art classes as well as use for other classes that students need. The northern half is where the science and art labs are found, which are used for chemestry or ceramics. Restrooms are found in the middle of the building near the central entrances.

Floor 2

The second floor is focused more on English and math classes as well as classes like religion and history. Computer labs and lectures are found in every classroom. There are some offices that are used for some of the professors that can be found on the southern half of the building. Restrooms on this floor of the ICN can be found on the northern side close to the stairwell.

Physical Plant Building (PPB)

The physical plant building is a private building restricted to maintenance workers. This building is where maintenance vehicles and tools are stored. The PPB is located just north of the SCB, west of the WDC, and south of the RSB.

Receiving and Storage Building (RSB)

The RSB is a private building restricted to staff of Heartland Community College. This building is used for storage. The RSB is located at the Northwestern most area of the campus.

Workforce Development Center (WDC)

The WDC is a building that is designed for computer based classes. The WDC is north of the ICN, east of the PPB, and west of the FRC. This building contains an elevator that was made by students found in the middle of the main lobby. There is a staircase by each entrance of this building.WDC south entrance

Floor 1

The first floor is a little basic. The main lobby contains an information desk near the southern and eastern entrances. There is a collection of offices for the teachers near the northern and western entrances. By the north entrance is a small station for computer use by students that need computer use. There are restrooms found near the northern and southern entrances just on the left. The classrooms on this floor involve heavy machinery for those who desire to go into robotics classes.

Floor 2

The second floor contains mostly computer labs. This floor is to help with higher level math classes and computer classes. The restrooms are the same as where you would find them on the first floor, as well as the offices of more teachers. The second floor is also home to the WDC Suite, which focuses on zero-credit classes like yoga and semi-truck training.

Floor 3

The final floor contains very little due to its small size. The most common things to find are the classrooms. The restrooms are still the same as you would find them on the previous floors, as are the offices for the professors.

Child Development Lab (CDL)

The Child Development Center is used for two purposes, educational and daycare. The CDL will take care of children from six weeks to five years of age while parents are busy taking classes with no charge. The CDL also allows students who want to be ready to take care of a child of their own. This building has the daycare room near the entrance.  The main office is in the main lobby which allows one to pick up or drop off their child. The caretakers are ready to take care of children who are ill in separate rooms. They also have a washing machine for clothes that require cleaning. This also provides the chance for students to learn how to take care of some of the children that are there.

Fitness and Recreation Center (FRC)

The FRC is a fitness center for students. Heartland ID is required to use the equipment. This building is located south of the CDL, north of the ACEC, and east of the WDC. The halls between the west and east sides of the building both have restrooms and vending machines on both floors.

Floor 1

The first floor is separated into three sections, Cardio and weight lifting, Yoga, and a gym. The information desk is located in the middle of the cardio and weight area of this floor. There are scheduled times for when members of one of heartlands sport teams are required to be in the area for practice, to which working out at that time will be restricted.

Floor 2

The second floor contains the main entrances of the building. There are just two areas on the second floor, the classrooms and the indoor track. The classrooms are found above the cardio and weight area as well as the yoga area. The indoor track is right above the gym, stretching one lane around the walls. The track measures about 1/13th of a mile. There is a small stretching area right behind the track.

Astroth Community Education Center (ACEC)

The ACEC is a building that focuses on bigger lectures which also includes the Challenger Learning Center. The ACEC is named after a previous president of Heartland known as Jonathan M. Astroth. The ACEC is found on the eastern side of the campus just north of the Normal Readiness Center and south of the FRC.

Main Floor

The main floor of the ACEC is mainly lecture halls for specified classes. These classes usually take place in the Normal Readiness center or the Workforce Development center. There is an auditorium for larger lectures and events located in the middle of the main floor. Close to the western entrance are three display cases showing challenger and Chinese objects in a display case

Challenger Learning Center (CLC)

The challenger Learning Center was added to Heartland back in 2009. The attraction moved to the ACEC three years after its addition and is located on the bottom floor. This attraction is for students from kindergarten to eighth grade. The doors to the CLC are locked during their missions. The CLC is open from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.

Normal Readiness Center (IL National Guard)

The Normal Readiness center is the building to help those who want to join the National Guard get ready. This building is south of the ACEC, east of the CCB, and west of the Corn Crib Stadium. There is a recruitment office next to the main entrance. There is a restroom not far from the main entrance right across from two vending machines. Some of the property is restricted to personnel of the national guard only.

Corn Crib Stadium

The Corn Crib Stadium is the southeastern most building on campus. The stadium has its own parking area right out front. The stadium is set up to be ready for almost any sport, including baseball and football. The stadium acts like any other, providing a ticket booth and food court.

Birky Pond

Birky pond is a nearby pond just east of the ACEC and north of the Corn Crib Stadium. Students are able to walk around this tranquil area whenever needed.