This page will present the reader with accurate information on professors at Heartland Community College. Personal experiences from students and their ratings, as well as their average grade. This is not a complete list of every professor that teaches at Heartland. Only a small portion of them have been added so far. For a complete list of professors, see the link at the bottom of the page. 


Stephanie McMahone 


Natural Science class about the study of life and living organisms.

Aaron Tomlinson- He is a STEM and Business major, and teaching multiple classes ranging from biology to earth science. Students find it hard to follow his certain teaching style, either while he is showing you a power point and veering off into different directions of topics or if he rarely seems to answer question clearly.  He rarely gives out homework, which most tend to love. It is also said that he makes the tests unnecessarily hard making most questions away from what he taught in class.  His lectures aren't found particularly exciting or engaging making it hard to follow and learn from.  He grades pretty strict and extra help even seems to fall short.

Overall students don't recommend his class

Homework is rarely handed out

Students rating is pretty low

Notes are by powerpoint

Average grade is an A

Textbook not needed but recommended

Thunog Jongky (CC)pr


Chemisty is the study of substances that make up matter and how they interact, change, and combine.

Thunog Jonky (CC)

John Muench - He is Professor of chemistry I and Majored in STEM and Business.  His straight forward teaching of his class has most students engaged throughout the entire time.  Has both online and in class homework. Clearly insightful and gives copious amount of useful information. Teaching is sometimes dry and he seems to show no enthusiasm within class. Students sometimes find it difficult to follow and he makes somethings difficult to understand.  He helps students whenever the ask and helps them understand the problems they come across

Students recommend him moderately

Homework handed out a lot and both online and in class

Monotone voice

Open note tests

Average grade is a A+

COMM 101

Communications 101 is a required course. It helps students with public speaking. It will help students understand basic principles as well as improve their skills. 

John Ernst -  A Distinguished Professor of Communication and Film Studies, teaching liberal arts and social sciences including communications classes and Film 101.  Students give John high recommendations saying he help with preparations in speeches when it comes to oral communications. He is easy to understand and follow overall with limited home work and easy grading not being ridiculously strict.  Makes it easy to get help and will help you understand if having any trouble.  In his Film class students find his class not engaging and kind of hard to follow. On the other hand his mindful way of teaching Communications is loved by most students

Overall students recommend taking his class

Homework is given out in moderation and help is provided if needed

Notes are hard to follow

Average Grade is a A+

Textbook not really needed

Frank Short - A ISU graduate with two degrees in Communication. Students typically do not like taking communications classes because it is all about speeches. However Frank makes the class fun. Grading is very easy and he tends to give full credit if the assignment is completed. Some students say that the homework is busy work, but others say it is super easy and you just have to complete it. Frank's sense of humor and the methods he use make this class fun and helps get over the fear of public speaking. 

Overall students recommend taking his class

Homework is pretty regular but easy

Usually grades based on completion

The average grade for a class is an A


Todd Simeone - Todd graduated from NIU in 1997, and Rockford College in 1992. At Heartland he teaches Introduction to computer information science, discrete structures, computer science I, C# Programming, and Technical Math I. Students really like him as a teacher, they say the classes can be hard but he makes them easier. Students like that he is very enthusiastic, understands what he is teaching and is very good at explaining things and will take the time out to help students and make sure they understand the material. 

Students recommend taking his class

Homework is pretty regular and is essential for understanding the course


Charles Brawner - Professor for criminal justice. Charles has a PHD from ISU, a Masters from Saginaw Valley State University and a Bachelors from Ferris State University. He is a probation officer, and uses personal experience to help teach his class. Students say it makes it more interesting. He method of teaching is by lecturing. Students don't always like taking a lot of notes, but they say the class is pretty easy. The book is not needed eithier. 

Students recommend taking his class

Take notes and attend labs and the class should be easy.

Jennifer Bursell - Attended Heartland Community College and ISU, and received degrees in Criminal Justice. She uses lectures to teach her class. Some students struggle with getting a good grade while others say it is an easy A. Students say that tests are easy and a study guide is given to help prepare for it. She takes her students to different places throughout the semester, so it won't always be a sit down and listen sort of environment. 

Students recommend taking her class

Average grade is a C+

Homework assignments are short and easy. 


the branch of knowledge concerned with the production, consumption, and transfer of wealth.

Hal Wendling (CC)


English 101 or Composition 101 is a required course. You must pass with a C or better. Introduction to college-level writing, research papers and book reading. 

Adam Scott teaching English 101Adam Scott - Adam grew up in California and went to college there, he transferred to New York University and has settled in between as a professor in Communications. He uses discussion based methods while teaching and likes to have the whole class involved. Students often complain about the work load. There is a lot of homework, not very much time is given to write papers or read a book and he is slow at grading. Adam gives good feedback on writing assignments to help improve your writing ability. Students say his outgoing, fun to be around personality makes the class enjoyable. 

Notes are not taken often

Discussion based teaching style

Average Grade is an A

Books needed to be bought but cheap

Jerry Bingham - He is a teacher at Heartland community College and has Composition 101. His teaching style is very unique in the way he slows most papers down and allows you to work on all papers at your own pace.  His gradings is a little strict when it comes to what he expects in papers.  His details he wants are very individulized.  His give out plenty of homework and the time span to do it can be small at times but never impossible.

Students moderately suggest his class due to his teaching style

Overall class gets an A

Homework is given out often

No book


Christopher Miller - Received his masters degree at ISU, and teaches twelve courses at Heartland. 


Doug Salokar - Doug is the Professor of Music at Heartland teaching classes in liberal arts and social sciences.  His teaching style is phenomenal giving each and every student the help they need and deserve.  Students find his class engaging with his sense of humor and his easy to follow lectures.  He is a really easy grader and gives plenty of extra credit throughout the semester. He can take the time to help you in and outside of class no problem and giving wonderful tips and insight on any questions.  He makes hard subjects less stressful and going out of his way to help students.

Overall Students highly recommend this teacher

Homework is giving out regularly but will be graded not at all strictly

Average grade is a A

Class can be passed without it but recommended


the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence, especially when considered as an academic discipline

Todd Kukla - Attended college at University of Illinois, and Northern Illinois University. He teaches Philosophy. Students have said that he is boring to listen too but will help out if you have questions. His tests are hard because of long essay questions. He is interested in student opinions and the class is pretty interesting. 

Students recommend taking this class

Attendence is important, homework is not given too often but it is important to stay up to speed on the reading

Average grade is an A



the scientific study of the human mind and its functions, especially those affecting behavior in a given context

Nicholas Schmitt -  A Professor of Psychology Majored in Liberal Arts and Social Sciences. Schmitt's teaching style keeps all students engage making it very easy to stay along with everything.  He give out very few homework if any and notes are handed out to you.  He grades all things very easily but when it comes to the exam it becomes a bit challenging. He drops the lowest graded exam and helps you understand all things quickly. Quick to respond and Quick to help.

Students Overall really recommend him

Homework is rarely given out and if so graded lenient on it

Average grade is a B+

Textbook Required to pass

Robert Banks - Teachings Liberal Arts and Social Sciences with classes ranging from Psychology 101, Intro to Criminal Justice, and Psychology 209.  Students believe his teaching style is easy to follow and  gives both helpful answers as well as insight on any matters of the question.  Homework is rarely if ever handed out if not ever but on the other hand attendance is  a big issue being its the only way to retain information.  His test are made for you to pass and not necessarily hard.  Gives extra credit that can be done all out through the semester and given variety in how you can do it.  Students find him really engaging in class involving students and giving lots of helpful information for you to pass. Some have said that he sounds similar to Bill Cosby.

Overall Students highly recommend him, with his engaging lectures and easy to follow lectures

Homework is pretty much never given out and textbook also rarely used

Average grade is an A

You may not need a textbook


Sociology is the scientific study of society.

Jennifer Woodruff -  Attended ISU and Western Illinois University. She teaches Sociology at Heartland and Illinois State University as well as teaching it online. Students find her class really enjoyable, and she has a really good understanding for the material she teaches. It is easy for students to contact her, and she is quick to help a student in need. She does some sort of game or activity at the beginning of every class. Jennifer has a great personality and really goes out of her way to personally engage each student to make the learning experience even that much better. She is an easy grader, students pass with an A usually. She curves all the tests and lets you correct them for more points. There are not many negative comments about Jennifer.

Students recommend this class

Homework is not given very often.

The textbook is not needed, but can be helpful at times

Notes should be taken but it is not burdensome or hard to follow

Average grade is an A+



the practice or science of collecting and analyzing numerical data in large quantities, especially for the purpose of inferring proportions in a whole from those in a representative sample

Jane Cler - She is  A STEM and Business major She teaches at both Heartland Community College and Illinois State University.  At Heartland she teaches Stats 141 and within that class, students are given the opportunity to ask question whenever they are struggling and will be given a very detail explanation of the answer they are looking for.  She gives very fast paced lectures and giving out outlines for the class to follow often not giving clear answers right away.  She does have extra credit all through out the semester.  Most homework is online and given out in vast quantities but is given about two weeks to do all.  Her  reviews really help with the exam so make sure to attend most class.  Lectures are also tend to be long so make sure you come prepared

Students recommend her moderately due to lack of clarity but yet great insight on most information

Homework is given out frequently mostly off line but given plenty of time

Average grade is A

Textbook not needed she hands out outlines that completely go over everything.

Steve Rummel - He is a STEM and Buisness major and teaches at both Illinois State University and Heartland Community College he teaches Stats 141 and with his great sense of humor and fluid teaching style students find it easy to understand and follow along with all that he teaches. He has copious amounts of insight on the subject he teaches and is will to breakdown details to help you understand.  Like the other Math classes at heartland they are online just like this math class so most home work is given online and so are quizzes. 

Students really recommend him, with his fluid teaching style and sense of humor he really engages students and keeps them learning

Homework is a lot and all online but given plenty of time to finish

Average grade is an A


The world's principal religions and spiritual traditions may be classified into a small number of major groups, although this is by no means a uniform practice.

Thomas Cullen (BA)


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