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Tutoring Services

We all like to think of ourselves as geniuses, but often we can fall few straws short of the stack. Here at Heartland Community College there are many ways to over come this. When you find you are in need of some assistance fear not, Heartland has you covered. Excellent tutors and tutoring services here to serve your every need. Have no fear Heartland is here; to help and start you or keep you on your path in any of your educational pursuits. Drop in or reserve an appointment, there is no shame in asking for assistance so do not be afraid Heartland has the help you need.

Disability Support Services

If you find you are a person with some extra support, Heartland is your place to be. Fully accommodating to all needs. Heartlands' disability support services or (DSS) are here to make a quality education accessible to all. Heartland will provide all accommodations to fully fulfill your personal educational goals. Heartland has the resources to make your goals accessible and well within reach. Do not let anything hold you back, because Heartland has your back.

Writing Center

Have you ever been stuck while writing a paper, or maybe you just do not know where to start, maybe you just want an extra set of eyes on your paper. Look no further Heartland has the place for you. The writing center is open from nine in the morning until four in the afternoon and there is always someone there to help. Qualified professionals ready and willing to get the best out of your papers or assignments. The greatness is in you, but the great professors or teachers in the writing center will help you find your amazing individual voice or at the very least proof read and aid in your editing and revising process.


The Heartland library is an endless resources for all students. Students have access to online journals, magazines, newspapers, music and do not forget about all those wonderful books. All students can get help from a librarian, they are always right there and they love to help. Need help with formatting work cited or even need a few recommendations of articles, web pages, or even an old fashioned book look no further than the Heartland library, Do not forget you can access most of the libraries resources right from the comfort of your own computer or even your internet capable mobile devises in your own home or on the go. Can it get any better or easier?

Reading Center

The reading center is here for you, to improve each students' reading and language skills. Meeting all students' where they are in their reading progression and moving them forward. No one should be or feel left behind let the reading center help you on your journey. Students' will be better prepared and confident in their abilities for any other educational environments and for their own life experiences in general. If you fin yourself having trouble the reading center is here for you.




Open Computer Labs

Do you not have a computer, want to take an online course or maybe you just need a more educational environment to work in; well you found it, Heartlands open computer labs are here for you. The open computer labs offer seventy Intranet ready computers with all the academic software you will need. Any Heartland student can use the computer labs to conduct research, type papers, work on assignments or access the College's learning management system software if you happen to be in an online or hybrid course. Heartland has you covered!

Testing Center

Your sick or maybe you have other personal reasons, but you missed a day and oh no its a test day. Maybe your in a hybrid or online class either way if you need to take a test, make-up or otherwise the testing center is here for you. The testing center at Heartland provides a secure testing environment for all students who are enrolled. Online, hybrid, and other distance learning courses, or if you have a documented disability, and do not forget if you just need to take a make-up exam the testing center is here for you. Sometimes extenuating circumstances occur, speak with your instructor and your test will make its way to the testing center, where you can take care of business.

Career Services

Need a job, not sure what career will fit you best? Career Services is here to provide resources and services to support students in finding their careers. Need employment; career services can help you there that much is for sure, not only guiding you through classes but also offering internship and occupations to eligible and qualified students'.

Counseling and Personal Development

Are you having trouble figuring out what you want to do, maybe just need help getting to that point. No matter what you need you have your savior is here and it is the counseling and personal development staff waiting for you at Heartland. If you nee help or advise they are here for you just set up an appointment.






Child Care

Need child care while you pursue your own educational prospects; Heartland Community College child development lab (CDL) is not only nationally accredited inclusive school that provides high, maybe the highest quality care and education to the great children of Heartland Community College's students', faculty and staff, everyone is covered. At the child development lab (CDL) they give the best education available for children, meeting the needs of young children in a great childcare setting that supports and nurtures all individual strengths of each individual child.

English as a Second Language (ESL)

Usted no habla Inglés? Have no worries here at Heartland Community College you are covered. The English second language (ESL) program at Heartland Community College includes the Functional English second language (ESL) (FESL) program for individuals who have the need to improve their English in order to live and work in the community. Functional English second language (FESL) classes are held in Bloomington-Normal at Heartland Community College's main campus and some other sites in the community. Students can register for Functional English second language (FESL) classes all throughout the year.  If you need the help or classes call to schedule a registration appointment at: 268-8180.  ¡Es fácil!

Project RISE

The Heartland Community College project RISE Student a TRIO program of support services made to be an educational support program funded by the U.S. Department of Education. Heartlands Community College has the goal to help you graduate and if you desire such, assist you in transferring to the four-year college of your choice. Heartland Community College is here to offer a variety of services to assist you in becoming familiar with the campus, to supplement and advise your academic pursuits.

General Educational Development (GED)

Hey not all of us graduated from high school, but that dose not mean your life is over. You can make it happen an Heartland Community College has your back. Heartland Community College offers tuition-free, lets say that again tuition-FREE classes for adults aged 17 and older who want to prepare for the General Education development (GEDexam. Heartland Community College also offers help to those who need a refresher with basic reading, writing, and math skills. General Education Development or (GED) classes include U.S. and Illinois Constitution review for those students who need to complete the Constitution exam before taking their General Education Development (GED) exam. You can do it do not give up on yourself. For more information depending on your location; call, come and see, or visit

Kym Ammons-Scott, ABE/GED Coordinator
Heartland Community College
Student Commons Building, 1000
1500 W. Raab Road
Normal, IL 61761
Phone: (309) 268-8089
Email: Kym Ammons-Scott

Heartland Community College
211 E. Madison
Pontiac, IL 61764
Phone: (815) 842-6777
Email: Kym Ammons-Scott

Val Conrady, Coordinator of Adult Education, Lincoln
Heartland Community College
620 Broadway
Lincoln, IL 62656
Phone: (217) 735-1731
Email: Val Conrady

Customized Training

Leadership, computer and IT, professional or industrial development, language and communication skills. If any of these apply to you a customized training program awaits you. Improve efficiency, performance, and much more in the specific area you have chosen. Let Heartland Community College assess and assist your needs and help create a training program to meet your goals and aspirations. You can succeed and Heartland Community College is here to help. Follow your dreams and goals Heartland Community College can help.

Developmental Education

Heartland Community College offers three areas of developmental education: English, math and reading. Faculty, Instructors, staff and Academic Advisors at Heartland Community College are here to meet your all of your needs and will do everything to help you succeed in your developmental education courses and in college in general. Heartland is here for you, everyone starts somewhere let Heartland put you on a path to success in your college career where ever that may lead.


No car, no way, how can one get to school? Do not forget that all Heartland Community College students' have access to a FREE bus fair. All you need is a valid Heartland Community College ID and an up to date sticker. If you need a ride to school or anywhere else it will be on Heartland this time and for as long as you are a student. That is a pretty awesome perk package and all you need to do is be a student.

The Spectator

Do not forget to pick up your free issue of the student newspaper of Heartland Community College The Spectator. Stay up to date and find out exactly what is happing on and around campus; local events, campus news, and don't forget about everyones favorite local sports teams' The Hawks. 

Heartland Fitness an Recreation Center

Offering all students a great place to meet new people and stay in shape. From group fitness, personal trainers, and intramurals are only a small portion of what the (FRC) has to offer.Play all your favorite sports or find a class that fits you.

Hours of Operation 

6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Thursday

6 a.m to 6 p.m. Fridays

9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturdays

(closed) Sundays

Student Government Association

Heartland Community Colleges' own student government the voice of the students'. Get involved; all enrolled students with six credit hours or more and a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.5 or higher, they can become a part of the (SGA)

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