The women's soccer team is currently coached by Patric Molinari. There are sixteen people on the roster fo 2014. Many of the Sophmores will be continuning their season through a different University. There were ten freshman this year that still have another year left to play. They have several recruits coming to play for the Hawks from all around the area.

Where it all began:

"Heartland Women's Soccer team began about 8 years ago and is still getting new recruits, coaches, and sponsors each year. The team has had three different head coaches within those 8 years. One of the coaches, Don Ideran, led them to be the region champions in 2012. The girls finished 13-3-2 overall. It was the best season Heartland Women's Soccer has ever had. In 2007, Heartland Women's Soccer started with Head Coach David Hutchinson with a record of 10-8-3 overall.. Since Heartland is a D2 school but playing at a D1 level, there are scholarships handed out to recruits but there are also tryouts for students that want to play during the season. Each year, coaches try to up their players and try to get the best season record. 


                                                                                  2014-2015 Heartland Women's Soccer Team


Current Coaching Staff:

Heartland Women's Soccer is coached Head Coached by Patric Molinari. This is Molinari's second season of the Hawks and the season of 2014 has so far been the best results in the overall season records of his coaching career. Molinari struggled last season with a record of 3-11-0. He had jumped into the middle of the season because the last coach was let go. Molinari had some big shoes to fill. His team has improved with a record of 8-7-2. The women's team would like to better themselves next season.

Assisant Coach Heather Chapman

Assisant Coach Chris Grieshaber

Where they play:

The Hawks practice right behind the Corn Crib on the grass fields. When they have home games the Hawks play at the Corn Crib. Sometimes it can get really confusing because the Corn Crib is a baseball stadium, normally where the minor league of the Cornbelters play,  but when they have a home game there are white lines painted onto the field so the players know where the boundaries are.


Who they play:


Opponent Place Time Results
August 16, 2014 Saturday Calument College of St. Joseph (Scrimmage) Schererville, IN 11:00 AM L 0-1
August 19, 2014 Tuesday St. Francis (Scrimmage) Joliet, IL 6:00 PM L 0-2
August, 23, 2014 Saturday Joliet Junior College Joliet, IL 12:00 PM Suspended 55 min. (6-0)
August 30, 2014 Saturday Jackson CC (game at Parkland) Champaign, IL 12:00 PM T 4-4
September 3, 2014 Wednesday ICC*# East Peoria, IL 5:00 PM W 3-2
September 6, 2014 Saturday Lewis and Clark CC* Godfrey, IL 11:00 AM L 0-5
September 13, 2014 Saturday St Louis CC St. Louis, MO 1:00 PM W 4-1
September 16, 2014 Tuesday Parkland College# Home 5:00 PM W 1-0
September 18, 2014 Thursday Lincon College# Home 5:00 PM W 4-0
September 20, 2014 Saturday Kaskaskia College* Centralia, IL 1:00 PM L 0-5
September 22, 2014 Monday Joliet Junior College - Reply suspended match Joliet, IL 5:00 PM CANCELLED
September 26, 2014 Friday Elgin CC Elgin, IL 5:00 PM W 2-1
September 27, 2014 Saturday Waubonsee CC Sugar Grove, IL 2:00 PM W 4-1
September 30, 2014 Tuesday ICC*# Home 5:00 PM W 2-1 OT
October 4, 2014 Saturday Southwestern Illinois College (SWIC)* Home 1:00 PM L 0-2
October 8, 2014 Wednesday Lincon College# Lincoln, IL 4:00 PM W 1-0
October 11, 2014 Saturday St Charles CC (MO) Home 7:00 PM L 1-3
October 14, 2014 Tuesday Parkland College# Champaign, IL 4:00 PM L 0-4
October 18, 2014 Saturday College of Lake County Home 11:30 AM L 0-3
October 22, 2014 Wednesday Bradley - Club Peoria, IL 6:00 PM T 2-2
Region 24 Tournament
October 26, 2014 Sunday Kaskaskia Centralia, IL 12:00 PM L 1-2

* Regional Games

# Conference Games

Leading Scorers:


Player Games Played Goals Scored Assists Points
Individual 2014 Season Stats
Karolinna Garcia 16 14 5 33
Karley Draheim 17 4 5 13
Tori Doubet 17 4 2 10
Hailee Whitmire 15 4 2 10
Amber Villarreal 17 2 1 5
Caitlin (Katie) Druien 17 1 2 4
Alyssa Sickler 17 0 1 1
Bruna Prates 17 0 1 1
Sydneigh Lowery 14 0 1 1
Kelly Kaithryn Carmack 17 0 0 0
Erika Mikelle Johnson 15 0 0 0
Madison Tromp 15 0 0 0
Adriel Markway 14 0 0 0
Codi Martin 14 0 0 0
Nelly Romero 11 0 0 0


Player Games Played Saves Goals Against
2014 Goalkeeping Stats
Bruna Prates 8 82 23
Alyssa Sickler 9 56 13


Joining the Team:

One is able to join the team by going to tryouts the first week on August. Or you are able to email the head coach for more information about recieving a scholarship, by sending videos of yourself playing or you could meet with him and you will do a training session with him. As long as you are attending Heartland Community College, you are able to tryout.

Click the following link to email him: http://www.heartland.edu/contact/email.do?to=patric.molinari

How does one prepare for a game:

Some of the players have a certain ritual that they do every single game.

"I wear my lucky adidas headband to each game to get me focused and that way my hair is out of my face and when I sweat it doesn't get into my eyes."

"Before every game, I eat a rice Krispy treat and then I take a pregame poop."

"Well I have to wear the same spandex and bra. I always crack my back and wear my hair in braids."

"I am a keeper, I run from the penalty kick "PK" area to the end line and jump up and touch the crossbar and then I side shuffle from post to post. Then I sprint back to the PK."

Hours of practice:

During season practices are Monday-Friday from 4-6pm. Saturdays are from 10am-Noon. During off-season the soccer team comes up with a game plan. They have to workout everyday and only two days out of the week they practice from 7-8:30pm. Workouts are on your own time but they are required. Staying in shape is a major factor in soccer because there is a higher chance that you could get hurt if you are not.