McLean County Homelessness

McLean County may not have the most serious case of homelessness it is still happening at a noticeable level. People in Mclean County are even struggling to get food and shelter during the cold months. There are multiple reasons for homelessness in Mclean County, but there are also many organizations helping with homelessness in the County.

Currently there are about 175 homeless people in Mclean County (Salvation Compared to Chicago with 58,273 homeless it does not seem to be that much but is still something the county takes into consideration


Mclean County District

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Current Issues

Homelessness in Mclean County is still a relevant issue shown in this case of a homeless camp facing closure. An empty lot in Bloomington which has been occupied by homeless for years is closing in order for a new restaurant to be built. Help is being provided for them from local organizations like Home sweet home ministries. (WJBC)

Causes of Homelessness in Mclean County

Not every reason for becoming homeless is the same for everyone. Some homeless have jobs but can afford to pay for a place to live or are not being payed enough to invest in a home, or an apartment. This could be because of the salary they are making is not enough or the market for residencies are too expensive.

Low income 

A big cause for homelessness was covid. With covid many companies closed for a certain time frame or some even permanently. Even as a normal resident in Mclean County it was obvious business was slow. This leads to people losing their job, decrease pay and hours. On top of that having to pay expenses could possibly be the biggest factor towards homelessness in Mclean County.

Housing Price Increase

Home prices in Illinois have been on the rise since 2018 and although compared to last year it has only risen 2.1% this is something that is seemingly continuing to rise. The number of homes sold fell 19.2% and homes for sale rose 0.5%. The current median price for a home in Illinois is $261,300 (Redfin Illinois). Cheaper alternatives like apartments will be occupied more for people planning on buying a house or competing to buy a house. 

Illinois Housing market 2018-2022

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