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Illinois State University

Welcome to the Illinois State University psychology program. ISU offers undergraduate and graduate programs taught by 35 full-time faculty members. These professors have received their degrees from some of the finest universities in the country. There is a well-balanced curriculum available at Illinois State University due to the diversity in educational and research background that each professor comes from.




TUITION:tuition for attending ISU as well as the cost of attendance is twenty-seven thousand, seven hundred and thirty-nine dollars for students who would be qualified for in-state tuition. For incoming students who do not qualify for out-of-state tuition is thirty-five thousand, three hundred and twenty-nine dollars.  You can create pay this with a credit card upfront or you can install a payment plan that you pay in increments. There are also other means of paying such as financial aid, loans, and scholarships and grants.

                To apply for financial aid, also known as FAFSA, you must apply by March 1st. ninety point six percent of students who apply for FAFSA receive financial aid. Out of that ninety point six percentage, thirty-two point one percent of students get their needs fully met by FAFSA

                As far as student loans, there are direct subsidized Stafford loans, direct unsubsidized Stafford loans, direct PLUS loans, Federal Perkins loans, Federal Nursing loans.

                There are different scholarships and grant opportunities through Illinois State University. There are need-based scholarships such as Federal Pell grants, SEOG, State scholarships, Institutional scholarships, Private scholarships. There are also non-need-based scholarships and grants available such as Academic scholarships, Creative arts/performance scholarships, Music/Drama scholarships, Athletic scholarships, ROTC scholarships, Alumni affiliation scholarships, Leadership scholarships. 

LOCATION: most psychology classes are located in Degarmo Hall on Illinois State University's campus. Degarmo Hall can be found on the quad right next to Cook Hall and Fell Hall which is backed up to South University Street. 


EXPIREMENTS: there are a multitude of experiments that are available for students of all levels that pertain to the many different fields of psychology. Dr. Farmer-Dougan at Illinois State University, for example, conducts many types of experiments with animals. A junior undergraduate student Emily Slanker was able to take the time to explain one of the experiments she is conducting with Dr. Farmer-Dougan. This experiment looks specifically at imitation with the average dog and deaf dogs. They use operant conditioning to train the average dog tricks and skills then use those same techniques and the trained dog to teach the deaf dog those same cues. 

SATISFACTION: There seems to be an overall satisfaction with the program at Illinois State University. Most students say that they enjoy the professors and the classes at the upper level. There are some uninteresting classes as prerequisites but most programs do.