Music in Bloomington Normal

Music, the universal language! Weather your from central Illinois or the Serengeti music is something we as a species can come together and enjoy. Bloomingotn Normal may not seem like it, but it’s a town with a very musically diverse history. From the huge U.S. Cellular Coliseum to the tiny 2 story restaurant called Lucas (Nat King Cole once performed at Luca’s Bar and Grill) Bloomington-Normal has plenty of venues to watch a good show. The twin cities have a few festivals every year that offer live music such as Breugalla that takes place every September in the cultural district and Corn fest which is held in the uptown normal area every year right around the beginning of September. These festivals typically are raising money for some charities around town such as the heal foundation which strives to help people with autism.

From country to hip hop Bloomington-Normal is the best place in central Illinois for exploring music. Once you decide on what kind of music you like, the next step is to stop looking at this wiki page and just get out there! Go to the venues you think you might like and get to know the bands you like and before you know it you will be a seasoned veteran of Bloomington-Normals Music scene.

Local Bands

The Twin Cities are never shy on night life. If you ever want to hit the club, downtown Bloomington has many venues to offer from. At these venues the talent of local artists is allowed to shine! There are so many great local acts around Bloomington Normal that we have a compilation of bands here But what about if your stuck at work and you still want to jam out?

Local Radio

There are a plethora of radio stations that serve the Bloomington Normal area. With Radio for just about any Genre finding the music you like shouldn’t take more than a few scans of the FM stations.

Music Shops

If you yourself are looking to create music, first things first, your going to need some music shops. Bloomington Normal has a surprising amount of music shops around town that cater to just about anyone. Looking to buy a first Guitar? Try The Music Shoppe or guitar center. If your looking for something a little more complex like a PA there are plenty of shops that can help you get taken care of. A list of shops is located on the wikispot here. If your looking for a more general guide to the music scene of Bloomington Normal go check out this page that is a guide to navigating the music scene in town.

The music shoppe

Waiting Room Records

North Street Records

Mother Murphy's

Recording/Producing Services