State Farm is currently ranked # 1  Auto Insurer in the United States. State Farm has made a huge impact in Bloomington-Normal. It is one of the best and largest employers in central Illinois and now in the whole country. Since State Farm’s headquarters are here in Bloomington-Normal, it has attracted a lot of State Farm employees from other states and towns to live here. There are 5 main building complexes here in Bloomington, IL.

They are:

1.       Corporate Headquarters

2.       Corporate South

3.       Fire building

4.       Oakland Avenue Building

5.       Illinois operation Center


 All together there are about 15,000 employees that work in Bloomington, IL.


State Farm Insurance is one of the top selling insurance companies in the country and we are lucky enough to have corporate headquarters here in Bloomington- Normal. Known as the, "good neighbor" by "being there", for their customers, State Farm provides quality insurance at competitive prices.  State Farm has been so successful that it ranked 41 on the fortune 500 in 2014. There are four different offices here in town; The Illinois Regional Office, State Farm Corporate South, State Farm Corporate, and the Downtown office. 

Their mission is to help people manage every day, recover from unexpected tragedies, and realize their dreams.

State Farm offers Auto, Homeowners, Condo Owners, Renters, Life and Annuities, Business, and Boat insurance. In addition to all of these coverage’s, State Farm also has mutual funds for saving and investing, retirement planning, business planning, and educational planning. On top of all of that, State Farm Bank is another service you can take advantage of. State Farm Bank is a registered member by the FDIC and offers loans, credit cards, and traditional banking services.

You can visit their website at for further information or to find an agent near you. Even if it’s after hours, you’ll be forwarded to a 24-hour Good neighbor service and a customer service representative can help to answer questions, or even send you to someone who can give you an instant auto quote!


State Farm is the number one seller of insurance agency in the United States of America. Their headquarters of this company is located here in Bloomington, Illinois. We currently have four buildings that are occupied by State Farm when at the start of the company there was just one. State Farm is a major part of this community people should know the history, local organizations, and job opportunities. In 1922 state farm was just a small business that was targeted towards the farm community. George Jacob Mecherle, a farmer from Illinois, was the creator of this great company. Mecherle did not even finish high school but had great qualities to become a salesman. Some of these qualities are a hard work ethic and a good story teller which helped persuade people to purchase his increase. He moved to Bloomington Illinois and became a salesman for a local insurance company. George found many kinks in the local insurance company over a period of time working there. George told his boss how they could improve their company but the boss told George if you don’t like the way we run things, go start your own company. As the boss recommended quite the local company and began running his own insurance company in June 1922. Mecherle’s company became a major success and has expanded all along the United States. He wanted his company to be affordable and a friendly customer service. In 1971 the famous State Farm jingle “Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there” was written by the songwriter Barry Manilow. Edward Rust Jr. is currently the CEO of the company and as well as the president and chief executive. As ounces started out as just an auto insurance company it now contains nearly 100 products and services, in a total of five different lines.


The world headquarters for State Farm Insurance is located on 1 State Farm Plaza, Bloomington. 

There are 10 local agent offices in Bloomington-Normal alone:

Mike Sprague - 2313 E Oakland, Bloomington

Rick McLean - 409 S Prospect Rd, Bloomington

Maggi Pratt - 802 N Clinton, Bloomington

Jim Spachman - 2501 E College Ave, Ste A, Bloomington

Michael Harris - 400 Kingsley St #A, Normal

Mike Wieland - 2102 E Washington St, Bloomington

Axel Jimenez - 1520 E College Ave, Normal

Karen Storm Monroe - 1 Auto Row, Ste 300, Bloomington

Ron Ruby - 202 S Eldorado Rd #2, Bloomington

Catherine J Lowry - 112 Landmark Dr, Normal


Community Outreach

State Farm loves to give back to the community.  They are involved in many different ways, such as:  Safety programs, Education, and Grants.

A great safety program that is offered through State Farm is called Celebrate My Drive. Unfortunately teens die from car crashes more than any other cause of death, so State Farm wants to help change that.  The program promotes safe driving for newly licensed drivers by encouraging them to drive with 2 eyes on the road and 2 hands on the wheel.  You can find more information on the program at:

State Farm partners up with many companies in order to offer grants.  You can find more information at


State Farm also has a relationship with many different organizations:

  • American Red Cross
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Local Initiatives Support corporation  (LISC)



State Farm is hands down the largest employee in the community.

If you are interested in working at State Farm, you can apply for a job through their site:

The site provides information on the different careers that are offered through State Farm, the benefits, the employment process, locations, and library on the different career positions.




Fun Facts

State Farm is known for their popular commercial that many still quote to this day.  You can watch it here:

The comical aspect of the commercial was so memorable that many always ask for "Jake from State Farm" when calling the company.

Many don't know though, Jake is actually the actors real name and he actually is a resident of Bloomington-Normal.  You can find his famous red polo and khakis hung up at the local bar, Pub II.

The commercial did so well, the was even a different version that was made with the characters of the 1993 film "Coneheads"


Disney/Pixar's Movie, Cars

State Farm was a promotional partner for the popular animated movie Cars, which had the largest promotional program for a Disney/Pixar movie.