This organization was founded by Andre Hursey who grew up living in Bloomington IL. Andre became involved with the Boys and Girls Club of Bloomington-Normal, the Western Ave After School Program, the Western Ave Teen Program, and the Linc Center. As of so, this helped him start his own nonprofit organization. A cool fun fact is that the name "Jule" came from the middle name of the founder by his aunt. The Jule foundation is a great way for kids to get help with their schoolwork but also to open their horizon to new beginnings. This organization is for students who are in sixth grade to seniors in high school, and they help the children in need with homework, give a chance for the children to show their talent, and even just being a listener. 

Jule youths pose together

Group picture of the Jule Foundation

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About the Jule Foundation

Programs and partnership

Additional Information

Programs and partnerships

Here are some programs/partnerships that are offered to help the youth with schoolwork and getting a job.

  • Eastview Christian Church- This partnership donates to the Jule Foundation and also lends a helping hand
  • Mentorship program with City of Bloomington- The older youth from the program can get a mentorship with a job from the City of Bloomington
  • Sylvan Learning Center ACT and SAT Bootcamp- The youth get a chance to do the bootcamp to get the ready for the actual ACT and SAT tests and improve their scores

Addition Information

Additional Information can be found on their website or by calling or emailing 

(309) 275-2846




This Podcast is about volunteers and a leader from the Jule Foundation getting Interviewed and wanting to know more about their aspects of life and their views on the importance of community and building relationships about child education and diversity.

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