The Unemployed Architects






"The Unemployed Architects (TUA) bring the noise like no other with their smashing originals & uncanny flare for covering tunes of the past, present, & future." Derrick "Big D" Griffin,Jr.-Drums Kevin Lyons- Bass Blair Steffens-Lead Guitar\Vocals Tyler Sweitzer-Lead Vocals\Guitar

The bands newest releases include the following original songs released in September:

Jester //

Firebound //

Planes, Trains and Automobiles//

Boomerang //


Laura Lea//


*to preview their music or check their current schedule copy and paste this into your address bar www.theunemployedarchitects.com


Known for high energy shows, We have over +5 hrs of music. Tearing up House of Blues and Double Doors Chicago to hoppin' in a SUV
to play hot spots like the relaxing Mackinaw Vineyard playing among wine drinkers and dancers. Roll on over to a double header Homecoming gig in College town. Pack it up & off to playing a top an 8 ft flatbed rig, in the middle of the country, entertaining 200 overnight celebrating guests. 

Name it. We' played it. 

The Unemployed Architects. With a name like that we ought to be busy doing something with our free time. Our set list consists of our Originals with a nice full blend of covers. We have over 5 1/2 hours of music that we play. 4 hour sets? We've be known for them. Two Door Cinema Club? Pearl Jam? Smashing Pumpkins? Cool. We've got you. We have a range of sounds. From Atlas Genius and LCD SoundSystem to the smooth dance-floor jams of Pharrell, Bob Marley and Gorillaz. Indie rock likes of Kings of Leon, White Stripes, and Strokes. Oh you like to sip 'tea' in a folk'y way? We rock some Mumford. DMB, Local Natives. We respect the old school greats - Tom Petty, Billy Idol, Michael Jackson, Elvis, Johnny Cash and more. This eclectic group with two different singer-songwriters come together to form something that has to be seen and felt. 


Venues Include:

  • Castle Theatre (Bloomington,IL)
  • House of Blues (Chicago IL)
  • The Congress Theater (Chicago, IL)
  • The Double Door (Chicago, IL);
  • The Redline Tap (Chicago, IL)
  • The Elbo Room (Chicago, IL);
  • The Canopy Club (Champaign, IL)
  • The Cowboy Monkey (Champaign, IL)
  • The White Horse Inn (Champaign, IL.)
  • Daddios (Bloomington, IL)
  • Fat Jack’s (Bloomington, IL)
  • Shomes/Maine St. Grill (Bloomington, IL)
  • IBC (Bloomington, IL)
  • Drifters (Bloomington, IL)
  • Barnyard Fest ( Decatur,IL)
  • 6 Strings (Bloomington, IL)
  • Watterson Towers (ISU, Bloomington, IL);
  • Paulie’s (Bloomington, IL)
  • Coconut Louie’s (Bloomington, IL)
  • NV Ultra Lounge (Normal, IL)
  • Kemp's Tap and Grill ( Lexington,IL)
  • Summer Fest ( Indiana)
  • ISU – Frats (Normal, IL)
  • Exit 197 (Pontiac, IL)
  • Mackinaw Winery (Mackinaw IL)
  • Elliot's Corner Junction (Pontiac, IL)
  • T.C. Buzz (Pontiac, IL)
  • First Night (Pontiac, IL)
  • Heritage Days (Pontiac, IL)
  • Eureka College (Eureka, IL)
  • Elroy's ( Bloomington IL)
  • Jammin' for Hammit (benefit)
  • Annual Relay for life Live music supporter ( IL, nat.l)
  • And many many more

The Unemployed Architects have been billed with bands including: SoMo (drummer Derrick G.) , Kansas, Dan Hubbard and the Humadors, By The Way (Drummer Derrick G), Jack Dupp and the Empty Bottles, Brett Michaels, Jeni B, Bottle of Justus, FLACID,  Mathien, Jobu Teddy T. and Kid Adonis, The Heroic Charade, Modern Mike Emmons// Delta Devil Frequency// Kyle Yap// Mark Maeand the Maps// Giggle Party// Jonathan Childers John Condron and the Benefit Jessica Jolly and more!


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